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Ashlee Holmes Apologizes for Her Past Behavior On RHONJ; Says Sorry to Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga

Ashlee Holmes is apologizing for her past behavior on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Specifically, the former RHONJ staple is saying sorry to Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice, who were often her targets.

On Instagram, Ashlee opened up to RHONJ fans about her recent revelation and how she has grown up and matured since becoming a mother.

“For the record…I just want to let the #RHONJ fans know…I have spent a lot of time reevaluating decisions I’ve made. I’m not fully happy with how I’ve chosen to handle conflict in the past,” Ashlee explained.

Ashlee then revealed that she apologized to both Melissa and Teresa for her role in the drama that took place between them.

“That being said…I have recently sent apologies for my role in the drama that took place between myself, @teresagiudice, and @melissagorga. I have received a message back from Teresa yet (understandable given her current circumstances) – I did receive a lovely response from Melissa though.”

Ashlee continued, explaining that she knows that not everyone in her life will understand why she chose to apologize but admits it was important to her to make amends.

“Some people may not understand my reasoning for this. Especially those who know me personally lol. The way I look at it…nothing that terrible has happened between us. It’s just been a lot of petty shit talking and name calling (on both ends) and it’s just all very stupid at the end of the day. It’s been very catting high school behavior. And I just think there’s no reason to hold on to the unnecessary bad energy,” Ashlee confessed.

In fact, Ashlee says motherhood has helped her to grow and look at life differently.

“I think becoming a mother has just really helped me to continue to grow and look at life with a new perspective. And although I’m aware I am human and I will still be angry and impulsive at times I am learning to let things go. And I am working on not being so impulsive over such petty things,” Ashlee revealed.

Adding, that her drama with Melissa and Teresa was “nonsense” and that she just wants “peace.”

Ashlee made it clear she’s not looking to be BFF’s with either Melissa or Teresa but simply wants them all to be civil towards each other.

“At the end of the day, no one keyed anyone’s car, there was no physical fight, it was all just nonsense. And the bottom line is I just want peace. The same way I’m sure they do. I’m not looking to grab coffee and be bffs. I simply would like to think that if I ran into one of them somewhere that we could at the very least be civil.”

Still, Ashlee knows that not all RHONJ fans will believe her but hopes that at least some understand that she wants to “move forward in a positive direction,” because “life is too short for unnecessary bad vibes.”

“I understand the fans are still going to have their opinions…no matter which side of the drama you were on lol..and that’s fine. I would just hope some of you could respect the fact that I’m moving forward in a positive first with not just them, but with everyone in my life. Life is too short for unnecessary bad vibes. I would just like to move on, and I hope all of the RHONJ viewers out there will let it be and respect that. I think everyone is capable of moving forward if we all just take a deep breath and let it all go. I haven’t even been on the show for two seasons now so it should be easy for ya,” Ashlee concluded.

I think Ashlee is sincere in her apology. No word on what Melissa and Teresa think of Ashlee’s apology. We’ve reached out to them both for a comment so we will have to wait and see.

Thoughts on Ashlee’s apology? Do you believe her? Could this lead to peace between Teresa, Jacqueline, and Melissa? Sound off below!

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