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Let’s Discuss RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider Defends Melissa Gorga & We See Jennifer’s Royal Palace!

Well after last week’s episode of RHONJ I think we were all waiting to see Jennifer’s palace home and see if Teresa and Melissa finally end up killing each other. We got our answers in last night’s episode , starting out with Jennifer’s (not so) modest abode.

Jennifer proudly showed off her home full of chandeliers, bathrooms and thrones (what is with all the Jersey ladies wanting to live in Versailles?) Jennifer spared no expense when building her home, even having a room dedicated to her daughter’s future suitors and going to China to get her decor. Check out Jennifer’s outrageous home below along with the women’s hilarious reactions:

After the lighthearted tour, things became more serious as lines are starting to be drawn as new girl Jackie is officially #TeamMelissa and came to her bestie’s defense in the never ending fight between the two sister in laws. While Dolores is practically part of the Gorga family, she naturally defends Teresa which prompts Jackie to get in the middle to defend what appears to be her new best friend. Oh Jackie – if only you knew the history with these two like Dolores does, this may not annoy me so much.

Jackie even took to her Bravo Blog to further make her point (and kick Teresa in the gut) by saying:

Teresa does this sh** in public when we’re all hanging out as a group, like when we’re all sitting around a table. Then it sorta’ becomes everyone’s business. I mean, Dolores made it clear it was definitely HER business. (Love you, Dolores, but you did.) Now here’s the kicker: Teresa veered the topic away from family business and made it an overarching argument about whether a woman can control her husband. She was adamant that a woman can control her husband’s behavior and emotions! She had to know that someone might just bring up the FACT that she clearly had no control over the way her husband behaved, the things he did, and the way he reacted to anything (“Here comes my b*tch wife” anyone?). I’m not sure why she was shocked at my question. One would think she’d be prepared.

Yikes – that is  a bit cold and unnecessary to bring up in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Jennifer who is old school and understands Teresa’s family, is agreeing with Tre as she is well aware that the man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck and can turn it anyway she wants. Preach girl!

It’s pretty much Tre, Dolores and Jennifer (who come from old school families) vs Melissa, Marge and Jackie at this point. While I think a woman can influence her husband I don’t think she can control him. With that being said, Melissa never helps the problem as she has constantly complained to Joe about his sister so she’s a fool if she thinks she has no influence over Joe.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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