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Former Housewife Heather Thomson Opens Up About the “Scary Stuff” She Saw on RHONY!

Heather Thomson was a staple on the Real Housewives of New York for several seasons but chose to walk away from the show in 2015.

Now, Heather is opening up about her time on the hit show and admits it wasn’t all diamonds and rosé.

Heather says that she was “relieved” to put the show, the “forced drama,” and out of control partying behind her.

“I’m no prude – I love a good party,” Heather tells In Touch. “But this was scary stuff that was not enjoyable and was upsetting, quite frankly.”

When asked how bad the partying on RHONY got, Heather explained: “I would wake up in the morning and be like ‘Whoa, that was crazy.’ There was this erratic behavior where I couldn’t even relate. I hope they’re easing out of the ridiculous antics.”

It’s no secret that Luann de Lesseps spent two stints in rehab for drinking but Heather says she never saw the Countess get out of control.

“Luann 100 percent is a party girl, but she could hold her liquor very well. But I did see a piece of Luann that concerned me,” Heather revealed. “I think she stood behind this curtain that was ‘The Countess. The Luann I knew was awesome, but I think being on the show for so long and living in this kind of unreal world caught up with her.”

Despite leaving RHONY several years ago, Heather says she remains friendly with most of her former co-stars.

“The only one that I’m really out of touch with is Sonja [Morgan]. She’s a good person and she has a very good heart, but she lives in this world of delusion that doesn’t ever stop.”

Another former co-star Heather isn’t super close with is Bethenny Frankel but says they are friendly and talk occasionally.

“She texts me when she needs something or she had something to say, and that’s the extent of our friendship. When she texts, I answer her,” Heather quips.

However, Heather admits she would never partner or work with the Skinny Girl mogul.

“No, I wouldn’t want to partner with her. You want to love the people that you work with and I don’t think Bethenny is the right match for me in that capacity!”

As for her time on the RHONY, Heather says she’s grateful for the experience but doesn’t miss it at all.

“I’m so grateful for that experience and opportunity. But when I close one door, I really move forward.”

Heather does confess that she would return to TV for the right project.

“Yes, of course! If it was the right thing for me and I felt that I was able to inspire people and do good with it, sign me up. And if I can’t find it, maybe I have to create it!”

I feel like Heather is alluding to some of the same claims made by Aviva Drescher a few months ago. Interesting.

Thoughts on Heather’s interview? Do you think the RHONY party too hard? Does Sonja live in a delusional world? Do you agree that Luann hid behind the “Countess” curtain? Sound off below!

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