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RHOC Recap Part 2!

Welcome back OC fans!

We’re back at part 2 of the reunion and if the previews do it any justice it’s going to be jammed packed with drama. Let’s get started shall we?

We start out with Shannon playing with her boobs which is much needed comedic relief before getting into the hard stuff: Vicki’s nasty allegations against Kelly. For those that need a recap: Vicki accused Kelly of doing drugs which Vicki admits was just a rumor; however stands by her allegation that Kelly is an absentee mother.  Apparently Vicki never learned her lesson about spreading rumors (to the shock of no one) and is berated from Tamra as they just had this discussion about spreading rumors.

We move on to Shannon and her downgrade in square footage (which is still better than most of us live) along with her ugly divorce with David. We see Shannon trying to make it on her own with QVC along with her weight struggle and it’s safe to say it’s been a tough year for the former Mrs. Beador. Shannon’s divorce has gotten even uglier as David is representing himself in court which attorney Emily admits was a dumb move. Shannon reveals that things have got even tougher as David is living with his new girlfriend which has strained her relationship with her girls and she is left taking Tamra’s parenting advice. The talk turns to her weight gain and viewers were upset that she put herself down so much along with her constant negativity. Shannon revealed after watching the season she realized she was truly a Debbie Downer and has decided that enough is enough with complaining. Thank goodness for us viewers as she has been a wet blanket; however I have doubts we will actually see #FunShannon.

We move on to more entertaining waters and relive Mexico along with Shannon’s drunkenness. Shannon admits that she is mortified from her behavior and can’t believe Bravo showed her Spanx scene and where she thought a street dog was Archie. We all know that producers live for this stuff so is she really surprised? Shannon admits that David tried to use this against her in court; however Emily came to Shannon’s defense and explained why it would not harm Shannon with regards to custody of her daughters.

We move on to Emily’s marriage and Shannon allegedly inferring that Emily was in a bad marriage by comparing it to her’s. After re-watching the scene, it there was a definite game of telephone as Shannon never said ‘abuse’ but Emily and Gina are still horrified that Shannon would ever compare her mess of a marriage to Emily’s. I don’t think what Shannon said was very damaging (and everyone was talking) but I do see Emily’s point as no one wants their husband compared to David Beador (no thanks!) The golf outing comes up and Shannon (tries) to explain that she is working on being less reactive; however it’s obviously not working for her. It’s also not helping that Gina keeps badgering her on the topic which only makes Shannon even more reactive. Gina seems obsessed with Shannon and Shannon gives her the wise advice to focus on her own life and stop focusing on her’s.

The talk moves to Emily and the topic of her husband Shane. Shane’s encounter with Gina comes up and Gina admits she is over it; however the other ladies fight her battle for her by saying that Emily defends her husband too much. Emily states she wishes that Shane would have calmly gone downstairs and spoke with Gina like an adult but he has walls and unfortunately Gina knocked those down. Out of everything that was said, Emily says Tamra’s comments about her husband hurt her the most; however Tamra isn’t apologizing anytime soon.

The controversy of Emily’s nontraditional marriage comes up including her unusual marriage proposal, lack of dating Shane before getting married and their disagreement over having more children. Emily reveals that not only is Shane the only Mormon in her marriage but he is in his family as well as his parents are not Mormon either. She admits that religion is an issue in their house as they can’t agree on the religion that they will raise their children on (something with Andy finds baffling) and it’s something they are still discussing. Shane is given even more attention as the ladies admit that they were hurt for her by his lack of affection; however Emily states he can’t keep his hands off her when the camera isn’t there (however only after marriage!) We wrap up Emily by discussing body image and I think Emily looks great (especially after seeing her in Jamaica) however she was bombarded by body shamers on social media calling her fat. She admits that the criticism got to her and all I have to say on the topic is when it comes to looks, no one is safe on social media.

We move from Emily on to Tamra and what’s going on in her life. Eddie’s heart comes up and I feel for Tamra and Eddie as nothing is more frustrating than doing everything right and still having health issues out of your control. We also see a flashback to her son Spencer and Tamra reveals that it was Spencer’s decision to do the show as he is 18 and can now make his own decisions about filming. Despite being great with Spencer, her relationship with Sidney is still strained; however Tamra has hope for their future. Regarding Eddie, things are still not going well and as  result their house never felt right for them and they have since purchased new home. Coincidentally she is moving to Coto and is now living in the gates behind the gates. Get it Tamra!

Tamra and Shannon’s strained friendship comes up and Shannon states that she didn’t use Tamra’s gym because the drive was too long and Tamra knew this, yet brought it up on camera anyway. Shannon then reveals she wasn’t invited to Tamra’s birthday party and that she was extremely hurt by Tamra joking with her mom about Shannon not paying utility bills. No offense Shannon but I’m Team Tamra on this one. What grown woman doesn’t know how to pay utility bills?? A mysterious trip to New  York comes up as apparently something happened that strained their friendship further. We learn that during a girls trip to NYC, Tamra flew her makeup artist out and Shannon forced her to do her makeup which put their whole schedule off. Tamra, Kelly and Gina go off on Shannon for constantly being a victim and selfish and apparently had a secret boyfriend for most of the season.

We end with Tamra and Shannon’s friendship in very choppy waters which we will pick up with next week.

Thoughts on part 2? Let’s discuss!

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