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RHONJ Recap: Housewives and Heifers

Welcome back to Family Feud RHONJ: where the Gorga/Giudice feud never ends!

We start out this episode still in Oklahoma with an incredibly awkward car ride to dinner as the sister in laws are yet again feuding. Am I the only one thinking this drama is 100% fake? I have a hard time believing Joe Gorga would be so blunt about not spending time with his father on his camera. Who says they are “too busy” to see their aging father? I feel this is some faux drama in order to try and boost ratings.

While the ladies dine on Oklahoma’s finest cuisine, they decide to play ‘two truths and a lie’ and we learn that Margaret used to be punished by being banned to the closet and likes coke. From Dolores we learn that she bites and is part of the mile high club while Jennifer has a dominatrix side and once pooped her pants. Overall it’s a lot of TMI! Jennifer continues to share too much by being annoying as hell by describing her over the top life. Perhaps she’s nervous about being on camera for the first time, but this spoiled/ditzy image is getting old fast.

The next morning, Melissa and Jackie gossip about Jennifer and her pretentious behavior along with her tendency to check the help’s bags. The OG’s feel that new girl Jennifer is trying too hard to fit in the group and I feel they are 100% on the money. She seems like a devoted wife and mother so perhaps she is just giving us a (very) bad first impression. #WishfulThinking.

Over breakfast, their host Polly announced that the Jersey ladies will be in some sort of steer show and I’m just as confused as the Jersey girls as to why they are doing this. Is there nothing better to do in Oklahoma?? If Oklahoma’s tourism board is watching this show – please work on new ideas for the ladies as this is a stretch.

Back in Jersey, Marge Sr. is being taken care of by Joe after her face lift as she is in delicate condition. Marge Sr. is a force to be reckoned with; however Joe seems to be holding the house together as best as possible. Apparently Marge is making it up to Joe in the bedroom and I want to know why we are getting so much TMI this episode. I’m no prude but the ladies need to dial it back a few notches.

On the way to the steer competition, the ladies make a friendly bet that whoever loses will have to sleep in the trailer by themselves (to the relief of Dolores.) Jennifer is beyond obnoxious about it and is frankly a rude house guest as she apparently thinks 16 bathrooms and multiple Chanel bags are the norm. Dolores gently reminds her that God has a way of humbling people (just ask Teresa) and pride comes before the fall. Preach Dolores!

At the steer show, the ladies pair up for the competition and Teresa is having the hardest time as she has a fear of large animals. We watch the ladies groom the cattle and everyone seems to be doing fine minus Jennifer who is not only annoying the girls but now the locals as well. The competition is odd and the audience is sparse so I’m glad we are all on the same page that this is a little off. No offense to anyone in the FFA –  I just am not following and am very confused why these girls are participating. Unfortunately, for all of us, Jennifer’s partner Jackie wins so Dolores is once again banned to the trailer.

Back in Jersey, Joe Gorga (finally) takes Papa Gorga and his mother in law out and it gets creepy as apparently Joe may have the hots for Melissa’s mother. Um….ew! Things get more awkward when Nonno calls his son out for not spending time with him when Melissa is around which Joe blames on Teresa. Why is it so hard for Joe to see his father who lives in the same town? Once again something seems off with this regurgitated family drama….

Over in Oklahoma we get a good old fashioned hoedown which Jennifer sits out. Apparently good Turkish wives do not mingle with the locals. Melissa is also trying to be a good wifey by calling Joe who is still entertaining his father and mother in law. Melissa makes a point to tell Tre who doesn’t look amused when Melissa makes a joke that the two are on a date. Dolores predicts WWIII for the Gorga/Giudice family and I think she’s right (whether we want to see it or not.)

Back in Oklahoma, Jennifer apparently thinks Oklahoma is a third world country and continues her tour de rude by complaining about the alcohol, calling the locals hillbillies and saying (in front of her host) that she would never live there. She even went as far to say that she would prefer to stay in a hotel vs. her host’s home and I’m embarrassed for Margaret at this point as this is her friend. Jennifer is drunk and is a total embarrassment and in the words of Shane from RHOC: “this is your normal behavior? UGH!”

Once the party is over, the ladies regroup at Polly’s where the ladies end up holding an intervention with Jennifer and her entitled and privileged attitude. Apparently she thinks she is Duchess of Cambridge and these locals should have prepared for arrival accordingly (with Four Seasons accommodations and House music.) After hearing how rude everyone sees her as she does apologize to her host; only to then say she would have never had this type of experience at the Four Seasons. So close Jennifer! As her punishment she is banished to the trailer in an attempt to humble this entitled Turkish princess.

Next week we see Jennifer’s 16 bathrooms along with more Teresa/Melissa drama. Come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

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