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Melissa Gorga Reveals She No Longer Speaks To Kathy Wakile & Rosie Pierri And Explains Why!

Blood is thicker than water, but still, some families go through rough patches. Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile first joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey together in season 3. They had one famous reality star in the family: Teresa Giudice. Melissa is the sister-in-law and Kathy and her sister, Rosie Pierri, are cousins. At the time the OG of the RHONJ wasn’t getting along with them. There was bad blood, to say the least. However; we have watched Teresa and her family overcome a lot and things were going good. Melissa has remained on the show, but Kathy did not. It turns out that it all has effected their relationships!

Melissa revealed on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, that she is no longer speaking to Kathy and Rosie.
Andy Cohen asked if she still has a relationship with them, and Melissa replied, “No.”
“Honestly, I feel like because we entered the show together. And one of us, you know I stayed, and she was no longer on the show. She just felt like everyone should’ve helped her stay on. Or I don’t know, there was a lot of hard feelings for that,” Melissa explained.
Andy seemed shocked and saddened by this reveal. Melissa added, “I have no control, you know I have no control over casting at all for this show.” Melissa even joked that she’s so “powerful.” But Andy said he knew what she meant, that she does not control who is in the cast.
“It caused a little tension,” Melissa revealed. However; she did sum up that they are good people and have amazing children. Melissa said it’s “unfortunate” what happened.
Watch all of what Melissa had to say in this video:

Wow! I get why Andy felt sad and a little surprised by this all. However; I’ve had a feeling for awhile that they still weren’t talking much or spending a lot of time together. (Not like they used to on their debut seasons.) I absolutely don’t think Melissa has any control over casting. (I know she doesn’t.) I think them leaving the show and Melissa staying on, probably did cause a lot of tension. I think that Melissa’s relationship with Teresa added to it as well. Plus, Melissa and Jacqueline stopped getting along and started to argue on Jacq’s last season and Jacq and Kathy are still friends. I think it’s a combination of everything! I’m sure Melissa and Kathy will reunite at some point, I think they are just at different points in their lives right now! I have a hunch we will see Kathy appear this season. Stay tuned, loves!

Are you surprised that Melissa isn’t speaking to Kathy and Rosie these days? Thoughts on everything Melissa had to say? Do you want Kathy back on RHONJ? Do you think she will appear this season? Will they all ever make up and get along? Sound off below!

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