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Melissa Gorga Admits She Fears Another Feud With Teresa Giudice, Says “We Can’t Come Back From That” And That They Don’t “Sugar Coat Things”

Melissa Gorga and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice have been through good and bad on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. They had been getting along very well, especially all last season. But this season they have a few disagreements. However; it could never be as awful as it was when there was bad blood between them when Melissa joined the show in season 3. They do have some arguments these days, though. Now Melissa recently admitted to People that she fears them having another feud!

According to People, Melissa said, “In the beginning it was super hard because it was basically Melissa against Teresa and it was very hard. We were at each other’’ throats and the whole experience was very, very negative. It was a divided show. It was a horrible, horrible time in our lives.”

Melissa says she and Teresa are “in a good place” now, despite the arguing they might do.We are going to disagree. We get into arguments on and off camera, and it’s all real stuff. It’s legit what’s going on and we don’t sugar-coat things. I discuss how I feel about it and she discusses how she feels about it. Neither of us are bulls——- it or faking it,” she explained.

Melissa does worry that history could repeat itself. She said, “Teresa doesn’t’ feel that way I do. I’m the one who is always ahead, I’m a heavy thinker. So I’m the one who’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re not going back to the dark place, are we?’ I get that way. I get very nervous when we start to argue. And I think I even discuss that during the season.”

If she starts to go to that dark place, my body starts to shake,” Melissa said. She doesn’t want to go back to the way they were.Because we can’t go there again. If we go there again, it’s over. There’s no way. We can’t come back from that.”

A little drama is natural with all families. You fight because you care and love one another. Melissa said, “We’re a real family. There’s so much that’s gone on that we’ve had to go through together, I think it’s actually made us so much stronger than we were before. We’re able to have an argument and then have dinner on Sunday, and we couldn’t do that before.”

Melissa knows that Teresa is going through a lot right now with her husband Joe’s deportation battle. Melissa said that she wanted Teresa to know that she’s here for her during this difficult time. She explained,Teresa’s a very private person, and I learned that throughout the years with all that’s gone on in her life. When this happened, I called her and let her know, ‘This is horrible news. If you need me to help in any way, I’m here.’ And that’s all you do with Teresa in this situation. It’s a heavy thing. It’s a very sad thing. We’re still praying and hoping that this turns around. Because he’s a father, and those little girls, they all love him so much.”

I don’t think Melissa and Teresa will ever go back to that bad place. I don’t think Melissa needs to worry! There are always going to be bumps in the road, that is life. It’s natural that they sometimes bicker and argue, but at the end of the day I believe they all love one another and are prioritizing the family. Which is a good thing. Family comes first, always!

Thoughts on everything Melissa said? Do you think they’ll ever go back to feuding? What do you think of their arguments this season? How are you liking this season or RHONJ? Sound off below!

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