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Is Dr. Terry Dubrow Being Extorted For $3 Million?!

Dr. Terry Dubrow tries his best to help plastic surgery victims on his hit show Botched but it turns out the old adage ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ still stands true.

Page Six reports that Dr. Dubrow and his legal team are in mediation with a scorned Botched patient, who is demanding $3M from the reality TV doctor.

The patient has threated to go public and say that Dr. Dubrow performed faulty surgery on her unless he pays her millions in hush money to stay quiet.

A source explains that the patient applied to go on Dubrow’s plastic surgery reality show to correct a “Botched” butt surgery. The patient is said to have clear the “required medical, psychological and criminal checks before beginning to film for the show.”

Adding, “the patient had illegal silicone injections into her buttocks some time ago. After falling ill as a result of the injections, she visited a general surgeon, who removed over five pounds of foreign material from her buttocks. Her buttock muscles were destroyed as a result, making it a “classic ‘Botched’ case” for Dubrow.”

Dr. Dubrow then performed a unique surgery to get the patient looking around “85 percent” better than before but it turns out the patient wasn’t happy with the results.

According to the source, the patient “decided that she was unwilling to allow [producers] to reveal her [final result], saying that she’s not happy.”

At this point, the story gets a little murky. From the sound of it, Dr. Dubrow performed a second surgery on the patient to attempt to improve the buttocks area even more but warned the patient it might not work.

Allegedly, Dr. Dubrow warned the patient before the surgery that procedure might not work but the patient insisted they go for it. Dr. Dubrow was able to improve upon the previous surgery and the patient was happy with the result.

However, the patient’s story never aired “because of her alleged non-compliance following the procedure.”

After the surgery said the patient refused to follow Dr. Dubrow’s post-surgical care instructions which resulted in major issues for the patient.

The patient “allegedly defied Dubrow’s orders and lay on her butt after surgery, which ultimately split her wound open. Dubrow and the “Botched” producers allegedly coordinated to get her to a wound care center immediately after she told them, but she refused to get it packed with gauze in order to heal it.”

The patient finally sought medical treatment for her wound which was continuing to split open.

The drama doesn’t end there though. An insider says “Dubrow got a phone call a few weeks later from a San Diego-based doctor about the patient, who was having severe pain in her body. The doctor claimed a fatty tumor had been found in the patient’s body, but Dubrow believed that the patient was being misdiagnosed.”

The patient then visited Dr. Dubrow’s office in Newport Beach, CA “where he discovered she had contracted an infection because she didn’t take out the gauze packing that the wound care center gave her.”

The incident was filmed by the Botched crew.

“Dubrow heard from the patient a few days later because she was still in pain. He instructed her to go to the emergency room rather than his office because of traffic between San Diego and Newport Beach. She ended up spending weeks in the hospital because the infection grew and the emergency room allegedly had taken days to treat her effectively.”

Weeks later, the patient “Skyped with Dubrow and producers. She attempted to confront him over what had happened before lawyering up and demanding money in exchange for not filing a lawsuit in open court despite signing an arbitration agreement to appear on the show.”

The patient also “threatened to claim “Botched” staff gave her alcohol postoperatively if Dubrow didn’t comply with her money demands.”

As for Dr. Dubrow, he tells Page Six that the Botched crew is still here for the patient if she needs it.

“Despite all the problems she may be trying to make for us, we are still here for her in the future if she ever wants to reach out to help her with her continuing problems,” Dr. Dubrow explained.


Thoughts on this story? Is this patient trying to extort Dr. Durbow? Sound off below!

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