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Porsha Williams Says Kandi Burruss Is “Obsessed” With Her And Fiancé Dennis McKinley, Plus Gushes About Their Matching His & Her Tattoos!

Porsha Williams and her fiancé, Dennis McKinley, are in la la love. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is going to be a wife and mother very soon. Porsha and Dennis are expecting their first child, a baby girl. They are also planning a wedding. These love birds have been the talk of the RHOA lately.

Porsha recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and opened up about the gossip and rumors that Kandi Burruss has heard about Porsha’s fiancé, which was seen on the recent episode of the RHOA. Porsha said that she was very surprised to see Kandi discussing her fiancé because they were supposed to be moving forward. In fact, Porsha said that Kandi is “obsessed” with her and her fiancé Dennis. Andy said, “obsessed?” And Porsha replied, “a little bit obsessed with us.” Porsha said Kandi came off as “hateful and miserable” on RHOA.

Porsha also defended her fiancé about the whole tattoo conversation. She said he loves tattoos. In fact, Porsha said that they have matching tattoos! Talk about the His & Her and Mr. & Mrs. aesthetic!

Kandi recently told The Daily Dish, “Obviously, there’s something there,” when it comes to their chemistry. She said, “They’re having a family together. Right now, I’m just wishing them the best and that everything works out with them as a family.”

Kandi thinks that it all happened fast. She said, “I mean, yeah, of course it was a little surprising, but at the same time, we all knew that she wanted to have children as well. That was something that her and Kenya have in common, that they both wanted children. And so, I guess, it’s not so surprising. But, I guess, it’s surprising when you just meet somebody. At the end of the day, it’s like, this is the choice that she’s making and it’s a new relationship, so it’s what they make it.”

Ah, I love the RHOA ladies. They have the best tea. I think Porsha and Kandi will get past everything, maybe at the reunion. I don’t think Kandi was coming from a bad place, I think she was just being curious and cautious. I also think she was just hearing a lot of things said about him. I’m excited to see how their journey plays out on the show this season. I’m super excited for Porsha, she really wants to be a wife and mother. I wonder what their matching tattoos look like. Stay tuned, loves!

Do you think Kandi is obsessed with Porsha? Thoughts about Kandi’s comments on the show, and Porsha’s comments on WWHL? Thoughts on Porsha and Dennis getting matching tattoos? Do you think Porsha and Dennis make a good match? Sound off below!

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