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The Real Housewives of Orange County Finale Recap!

It’s been a bumpy road but we’ve made it to the OC finale! Our favorite SoCal gals have seen friendships built and destroyed this season and it’s all come down to this.

The finale begins with Emily preparing for her party at her in-laws over the top fabulous mansion. Cut to Gina with her mother trying to tame her trio of children, who are quite the handful from what we’ve seen this season. Meanwhile, Vicki is fawning over her mother day’s flowers while hoping no one will notice her plastic surgery at the party (she can barely move her face so good luck with that Vick!)

Shannon is doing more QVC creations with her daughters by taste testing some turkey burgers. In between avocado and quinoa bites, her eldest Sophia drops the bomb that she needs to go on birth control for her cramps and understandably Shannon is dumbfounded. Perhaps Emily can give her the birds and the bees talk as she is shopping for ‘ho clothes’ for her upcoming party. Apparently we are celebrating mothers and women by dressing as dominatrix #OnlyintheOC. Hopefully the theme doesn’t scare off Emily’s mother who is visiting after not leaving her house for a year. If this is the first party that her mother is attending in years she is probably going to run for the hills after meeting these OC ladies in dominatrix wear. Gina calls the ladies with a case of FOMO which annoys Tamra as she is still annoyed that Gina tattled to Shannon.

Tamra decides to confront Gina at her casita as she is still pissed about her tattling to Shannon; however Gina is  100% playing the denial card. Tamra is spot on when she said that Shannon is not a liar and Gina’s memory is a little cloudy; however Tamra is definitely not a friend to Shannon either. We get flashback to some of Tamra’s not so nice comments about microwaveable fish and Shannon’s inability to lose weight so I’m wondering what is going through Shannon’s mind as she watches this scene play out. I think Gina has been a pot stirrer as she clearly went to Shannon not to help her but to cause problems with Tamra. On the other side, perhaps Gina was in the right in doing that as Tamra seems to be playing both sides here.

In a happier scene, we see Emily picking up her estranged mother from the airport and it’s a sweet reunion. Emily’s mother seems very sweet and appears to be a typical grandmother; however we know from Emily that there is more to her story. Emily’s mother had a rough year and did not leave the house due to depression, and I do feel a little bad for her that this  is playing out on TV. It’s clear that her mother is really trying to make an effort so I hope that Emily cuts her some slack. Everyone deserves to bounce back after going through tough times.

In a more humorous scene, Emily is getting her corset tightened while Kelly and her boy toy are helping her get dolled up for the big party. Kelly’s boy toy Alex is super cute so props to Kelly on playing that field! Girl doesn’t seem to have a shortage on dates. Meanwhile, Gina getting ready is a bit less glamorous as she is alone in a bathroom while her son is asking her if she is going to her little house in a heartbreaking scene. Gina’s mother is helping out with the children which put’s Gina back in high school as she has to change into her dominatrix outfit in the car (I remember those teenage years too Gina!)

Shannon and Tamra are getting ready together and are cringing at the thought of all these old women in leather and whips (I don’t blame them) When I celebrate mother’s day we do flowers and brunch and that’s the way I’ll keep it #Thankyouverymuch. Shannon is over the top upset that Emily has labeled her mentally ill  when Emily had threatened to kill someone. Shannon then labels Emily and Gina pot stirrers and you know it’s going to go down at the Dominatrix Mother’s Day party.

I will hand to Emily that her party looks fabulous and I wouldn’t mind attending an Emily Simpson party (maybe just not for Mother’s Day.) Gina is one of the first to arrive and gives Shane an awkward hug (in the hopes that she won’t get kicked out tonight.) Gina changes at Emily’s and get’s in the dominatrix mood by wearing her baby making boots which she used to make her two of her three children #TMI. Tamra also clearly got the memo to dress sexy but Shannon looks like she is attending the mother’s day brunch that I mentioned above. In addition to dressing wrong, Shannon is Debbie Downer by complaining to Eddie about the new girls i the limo. Note to Shannon: He didn’t care about your drama with David and he doesn’t care about your drama with the newbies.

The party is off to a rough start as Pary mistakens Eddie for Tamra’s son which Tamra is visible NOT happy with. Also not happy? Shannon, as she cannot get over Gina’s delivery and Shannon is sticking by her story that she is sane and is not a liar. Gina is also sticking by her story by saying that Shannon’s friends are concerned for her, and a result Gina is fake concerned as well. Shannon then puts Gina in her place by calling a spade a spade and calling her out for being a pot stirrer (which she is.) Gina has blamed Shannon for Emily’s outburst along with saying Emily was in a bad marriage, and while Shannon may be bananas, she sure doesn’t forget the details (or let them go…)

Emily and Kelly then join the conversation and things go from bad to worse as Shannon is not in a good place with anyone at this point. Shannon gets completely defensive towards Emily by throwing the mental illness accusation in her face saying that she could be mentally ill. Emily then calmly apologizes just time for Shannon to leave to see Brett Michaels backstage (talk about random.) Vicki then joins the group (without a gobble wobble) which is something that I literally laughed at out at as she didn’t realize she had a gobble wobble.

Shannon finally changes out of her Easter Sunday dress into more Brett Michael appropriate attire and vows to Emily that they will work through their differences. We get the season recap for the ladies which is a housewives tradition: While Gina is moving forward with her divorce, Vicki is hoping for a ring. Kelly continues to play the field and Emily hopes for another baby. Tamra and Eddie have moved next to Vicki and Shannon has apparently hooked Kelly up with a new man. It’s been a roller coaster season and personally I can’t wait for the drama at the reunion.

Thoughts on this season? Let’s discuss!

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