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Tamra Judge Calls Out Emily Simpson; Says Her Story Line Is Fake!

Yikes, while not much drama is happening on-screen there’s plenty of drama happening off screen for the Real Housewives of Orange County.

Following Monday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, drama erupted between Tamra Judge and Emily Simpson, who have had little to no drama on screen.

On Instagram, Tamra called out Emily for faking her season 13 storyline; claiming that Emily’s mother-in-law Pary lied about never meeting Eddie.

Tamra also claimed that the cup reader at Emily’s party was “100% fake.” Tamra poured even more salt on the wound by saying,  “Clearly Emily is jealous of my marriage. As she should be! Having other people do her dirty work. #messy #playsvictim #fake”

See Tamra’s full rant below!

Tamra’s claims hit a nerve and elicited a very strong response from the RHOC newbie.

Read Emily’s full response below!

However, Tamra didn’t stop there she also went on to say, “You might be an attorney but I’m a Judge! You should know better than to leave such a messy paper trail…never know when it will bite you in the butt.”

“FAKE…she met Eddie 4 years ago at CUT fitness and again at your kids birthday party where they talked for hours. #lies ohh, suddenly she’s 73 and forgetful,” Tamra wrote about Emily’s mother-in-law.

Tamra continued, “The cup reader was 100% fake! I had a full convo with her where she told me she didn’t “read cups” she was a hairdresser and a BIG fan of the show. Then suddenly didn’t know my name when the cameras turned on.”

“You got me on the last one. Yep, my boobs are fake, fake as your storyline!” Tamra wrapped.

Is it just me, or did this drama come out of nowhere? I’m so confused about what made all this come to light…perhaps we will find out at the reunion.

Thoughts on Emily and Tamra’s drama? What do you think triggered this drama? Do you believe Tamra’s claims? Do you think Emily’s storyline is fake? Is Emily jealous of Tamra’s marriage?

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