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Dolores Catania Shares A Video Dancing With Her Doctor Boyfriend: “Everyone Always Asks ‘Where Is The Doc,’ Well Here He Is!!!”

Dolores Catania, star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, has been dating a Doctor. In fact, she was introduced to him by her BFF, and RHONJ alum, Siggy Flicker. The relationship has been a big topic of conversation on the show and off. Last season, Danielle Staub, was confronting Dolores about it a lot. Dolores’ ex-husband, whom she’s good friends with, Frank Catania, even lives with her. They share two children together. Dolores has opened up on the show about how she wishes she could spend more time with her boyfriend, but he has a crazy work schedule delivering babies.

Well, Dolores has now shared on social media proof that he exists, in case anyone had anything else to say about it. She shared a sweet video of the two of them dancing. Dolores shared, “Everyone always asks “where is the doc” well here he is!!!!”

Dolores also teased the new episode of the RHONJ that airs this week. She said, “Ohhhh my it’s a good one!”

Aww! I think this is so cute. I’m happy for Dolores. I think it’s nice that her situation works, she’s happy with her boyfriend and on good terms with the father of her children and is co-parenting. I’m excited for the next episode, too. It’s going to be a great season, I can feel it!

Thoughts on Dolores sharing a video of her and her Doctor boyfriend? Thoughts on people always commenting about her relationship on and off the show? Thoughts on the premiere episode? Share below!

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