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Teresa Giudice Dishes on the Reason for Her Drama with Melissa Gorga this Season!

New Jersey fans were not disappointed with the NJ season 9 premiere; however, fans were disappointed to find that Teresa Giudice and sister in law Melissa Gorga were feuding (once again.)

Speaking out to Bravo, Tre revealed everything from the reason to the feud to why she vows to never go back to the way things were:

“I think she knows and I know we’re never gonna go to that dark place ever again. That was not a good time. A lot of other people involved, too, in the situation … Melissa, Kathy, at the time, it was not a good time. I don’t even want to remember that time because that’s not really what our family’s about. We’re all about being there for each other, loving each other. So she knows it’s never gonna go to that place again; I know it’s never gonna go to that place again.”

Despite that vow, it doesn’t mean it’s all love and happiness with the Giudice/Gorga clan as explained by Tre:

“When you guys watch this season, you’ll see it’s coming from a good place. If you feel that you want to tell somebody something to help another situation, then you should voice your opinion, you should speak up and say it because if you keep your mouth shut, nothing’s ever gonna get resolved. I’m sure people will relate to me in other families. Like if you keep your mouth shut and something’s really bothering you, it’s never gonna get fixed. But if you open your mouth and say what’s bothering you and don’t keep it inside, then you could resolve whatever that needs to be resolved.”

Speaking to E! News, Melissa agreed that there is drama between the two but it’s not ‘brawling at a christening’ type feud:

“Am I gonna get on my knees and pray and ask her to stop hurting us? No, it’s not gonna get that dramatic, but we do argue. Listen, we are [sisters-in-law], we don’t agree on anything, and Teresa and I are at the point where we don’t care if the cameras are in the room or not. It’s like we’re disagreeing on something, we’re gonna talk about it, and that’s it. It’s normal. We’re a family. We argue over family things. We actually also argue this year a little bit about the new [Housewives]. We disagree on that a little bit. So it’s just real. We keep it real. It’s honest. So if we’re gonna have an argument, we’re gonna have an argument. But at the end of the day, we’re still family. We’re not going down that really dark road anymore.”

The drama has yet to appear on our screens; however from what I’ve seen I lean towards more #TeamTre as I do feel Joe Gorga should be helping out with his father more. I’m anxious to see how it plays out; however, I’m glad to hear we are not going down that dark road again.

Thoughts on Melissa and Tre’s season 9 feud so far?

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