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RHONJ: Is Teresa Giudice Thinking About Divorcing Joe? Is Dolores Catania Getting Back Together With Frank?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered its new season, and right after stars of the show and longtime friends, Teresa Giudice and Dolores Catania joined Andy Cohen for an epic episode of Watch What Happens Live. During the show, they dished on everything, including RHONJ and their love lives. This episode literally had me crying because I was laughing so hard! They had one of the best callers that night that had everybody laughing. It was amazing.

Of course, the topic of Teresa and husband, Joe Giudice, came up. As well as the subject of Dolores and her ex-husband/best friend, Frank Catania. People want to know if Teresa is thinking about divorce and if Dolores is thinking about getting back together with her ex since they live together and get along so well.

So what were their answers? Well, simply put, their answers were both no!

No, Teresa is not getting a divorce. Andy mentioned that during the Q&A at Luann de Lesseps cabaret show, Teresa asked her if it was hard getting a divorce on TV. This led to a lot of speculation. Teresa revealed that she shouldn’t have asked that, because she knew the question could get her into a little trouble. But she said she was asking for her friend – who happened to even be in the clubhouse with her during this taping of WWHL.

When Andy asked her to clear it up for the millionth time and asked her if she is getting a divorce, she replied, “No.” She is sticking it out and standing by his side.

Here is the clip of Teresa putting the divorce rumors to bed once and for all:

As far as Dolores and Frank go, they may be playfully saying no. However; there is undeniable chemistry and compatibility between them. When asked if they are going to get back together, Dolores smiled and said, “Frank why don’t you answer that?” He also smiled. Their reactions were adorable.

“No we’re good the way we are,” Dolores shared. Frank nodded in agreement.

Andy said he was going to ask if they ever have any romantic moments anymore since they live together but they both said, “No.” Andy mentioned how their bedrooms are right down the hall from each other. They both said no, nothing like that goes on between them. “This subject makes me shy,” Frank blushed.

See Dolores respond in this clip:

This is definitely one of my favorite WWHL episodes of all time! I’m still laughing thinking about it. I already knew Teresa wasn’t thinking about divorcing Joe, I’m not sure why everyone has to repeatedly ask her this question? She has said NO every time. She doesn’t like talking about her personal life when it’s this deep, and who would? It’s personal. But she still does anyway for fans and viewers, even though she doesn’t need to. It’s truthfully nobody’s business but theirs and I think that’s why she doesn’t like to give that question much attention. So she answers and shuts down the rumors with simple responses. However; I think people feel like her answer of “no” doesn’t sound reassuring enough. It’s almost as if the public wants a dramatic response from her, Romeo & Juliet style. But as seen on the show, Teresa is old school and doesn’t show her emotions like that. Rest assured, Teresa is sure and has made up her mind that she is not getting a divorce regardless of the deportation verdict. I don’t think Dolores and Frank are getting back together anytime soon but I would LOVE that. I think they’re so cute and I love how they co-parent and are true friends to one another. I have hope that someday they’ll rekindle the flame.

Thoughts on the responses Teresa and Dolores gave? Do you think people will stop asking Tre if she’s getting a divorce now? Should Dolores and Frank get back together? Did you like this episode of WWHL and the premiere of this season of the RHONJ? Sound off below!

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