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Let’s Discuss RHOD: LeeAnne Locken Vs. D’Andra Simmons – Whose Side are You On?

This season of RHOD we’ve seen new friendships form and friendships being tested (D’Andra Simmon’s friendships in particular.)

D’Andra had a falling out with former bestie LeeAnne Locken in addition to having a falling out with her socialite equal Kameron Westcott. We all knew that the Copenhagen trip was going to be a disaster; however, a fight between LeeAnne and D’Andra seemed to push the ladies over the edge.

LeeAnne felt that D’Andra always has to be right (something that her ally Kameron was happy to agree with – encouraging LeeAnne to “let her win.” D’Andra then came in to see what was going on only to get in a fight (again) about the *ahem* talent portion of the Beaver Creek queen competition. I do think LeeAnne hit the nail on the head when she mentioned that for someone who claims they don’t care what people think, D’Andra seems to care A LOT!

Case in point? D’Andra is upset that Kameron shared the “butt dart” episode with her mother in law; however, claims to be proud of who she is when she is being silly with new BFF Brandi. LeeAnne then revealed that people talk and that’s not Kameron’s fault (preach.) It’s then when things get testy as LeeAnne and D’Andra get in each other’s face making things go from bad to worse:

I think that D’Andra doth protest too much and that she may have problems below the surface, not just being upset that Dallas society is talking to her. I don’t think any of these arguments are worth losing friends like LeeAnne or Kameron over so I’m hoping these ladies can get back on track.

Thoughts on RHOD? Let’s discuss!

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