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Mohamed Hadid’s Three-Year Long Affair With An Aspiring Polish Model Is Revealed As His Fiancée Gushes About Him On Instagram!

Once a cheater, always a cheater? It’s looking that way for Mohamed Hadid.

The Daily Mail reports that Mohamed Hadid had a three-year-long affair with a 25-year-old aspiring Polish model, Justyna Monde.

From 2014-2017, Justyna and Mohamed had a steamy European affair together after meeting on Instagram.

“We met through Instagram. I texted him “hi” and then he replied with his numbers. We kept talking for months, getting to know each other quite well,” Justyna explains, also providing screenshots of their conversations as proof.

“We texted a lot on WhatsApp,” Justyna reveals. “It was a lot of texts. At first, we were getting to know each other, then deeper. We talked a lot about art, he paints, and I paint. We like art.

“It started innocent but then it became a little bit sexual. We sent photos to each other of what we were doing. Of course, there were some nice, private selfies,” Justyna adds. “I wanted to experience an older man and of course, he was attractive. He was sending text messages and in one of them, he said, “I would love to eat pierogis off your body.'”

“Sometimes he would ask me to send him some naughty pictures. And of course, I did. I see nudity as a part of art. He was quite interested. He liked me a lot.”

As for his relationship with his fiancée Shiva Safai, Justyna says Mohamed never mentioned it…at first.

“When we were first in contact, I didn’t know that he was engaged or that he had a serious relationship because he never mentioned that,” she said.

Mohamed and Justyna’s exchanges got racier and flirtier as the time went on. Ultimately the two finally met in person in October 2015 at the five-star Sofitel hotel in Wroclaw, Poland.

Justyna, who was also in a relationship at the time, thought it would be safer for them to meet up in her native Poland since she had family there.

“At this time, I was in a relationship so I thought it was best to meet up in Poland as part of my family lives there. We met up in Breslau, it’s a small traditional city. We got to know each other in person,” Justyna explains.

“He was on a trip with his business associates and also people from the fashion industry but he wanted to spend time with me alone. I showed him around. We went to a very traditional Polish restaurant. He ate some Polish dumplings and said it was the cheapest meal he ever had but he really liked it,” Justyna adds.

During this trip, the two had sex for the first time.

“We were getting very close to each other, we liked each other. We spent a nice time together. We stayed in a hotel. We went sightseeing, we went for lunch, dinner, everything,” Justyna reveals.

However, Mohamed and Justyna’s tryst wasn’t all smooth sailing. Justyna says their romantic getaway was often interrupted by Mohamed’s fiancée Shiva.

“Shiva is very controlling and she was calling him so many times but it wasn’t my part to say anything about it because I was in a relationship too,” Justyna claims.

In fact, Justyna further claims that Mohamed told her he had no plans to ever marry Shiva.

“I think Mohamed respects his fiancée but I don’t think that a relationship that is based on cheating has a final end like marriage. I don’t think he is going to marry her.”

“I think he would do her a favor not to continue because I’m not sure he’s so in love with her,” Justyna adds.

“I asked, “Why don’t you marry her?” He said, “Yeah, we’re getting along.” He wasn’t talking nasty about her, but he said, “Yeah, I don’t see her like everybody sees her. I think he’s maybe not so sure about her. Maybe she’s not his type. I think he really goes for blondes,” Justyna said.

Yet, Justyna gets what Shiva sees in Mohamed and says that she was very attracted to him despite their age difference.

“I think that age is just a number, I have friends that range from 16 to 70. If you click or get along with somebody in a relationship or as friends, age doesn’t matter for me as I’m very open-minded. We had a lot of things in common like art, our personalities. I think the best thing about Mohamed is that he’s so funny. He’s the funniest guy I’ve ever met, it makes him the perfect personality,” Justyna revealed.

After their first tryst, Mohamed begged Justyna to fly and meet him all around the world but she says it was difficult since she was in a relationship at the time.

“I was in a relationship so it wasn’t so easy for me to meet up. He asked me to meet up in Paris, LA, and other countries, but I couldn’t manage it all the time.”

The two did meet up again in Los Angeles in 2016.

“The next time we met up was in LA in 2016 when I was on a trip with an artist friend,” Justyna said, adding that they only had dinner together at Cipriani and didn’t stay in a hotel together.

“He wanted me to stay longer but I didn’t feel comfortable because I was with my artist friend and my boyfriend was calling me all the time asking when I was coming back. I cut my trip short.”

In October 2017, Mohamed and Justyna rekindled things at a museum in Stuttgart, Germany before flying private to Dusseldorf, where they had sex on a rose-petal-covered bed.

“I was living in Frankfurt but we met up in Stuttgart because he really wanted to see the Porsche museum. It was really a nice experience. After that, we flew with his friends on private jet to Dusseldorf where they organized a sightseeing tour. We also had a really nice dinner at the docks and we were staying at the Hyatt Hotel.”

Justyna says Mohamed never seemed worried about being seen in public with her or taking pictures together. In fact, Mohamed seemed like he had nothing to hide, despite having a fiancée in Los Angeles.

“He never said I should be quiet as we were going out together in public to museums and restaurants. He wasn’t hiding me, so I’m not sure if he wanted to keep it private.”

The sexual part of Mohamed and Justyna’s relationship continued, over social media, for the rest of 2017 but shortly after she decided to end things and move on with her life. Despite the end of their three-year-long affair, Justyna says she’s still in touch with Mohamed and just recently talked to him.

“I was in contact with him last week, he asked how I was enjoying my time in New York. We are friends. We like each but I don’t think we are going to get closer anymore.”

Meanwhile, as this story broke on Mohamed’s 70th birthday, his fiancée Shiva gushed about him and their romance on social media and to Harper’s Bazaar.

“Baby I love and adore you! Happy birthday my sweet love,” Shiva captioned a photo of her and Mohamed on Instagram.

Shiva also talked to Harper’s Bazaar about marriage telling the publication, “We haven’t planned anything for a wedding. I think we’ve both been so content in our relationship that it hasn’t been a priority in our lives. We like the idea of getting married one day but there’s no rush. I think I would like a small and intimate wedding, maybe somewhere in France.”

The former Second Wives Club star also called her relationship with Mohamed “easy and effortless.”

“I don’t think I can look at anyone’s relationship and say I would like ours to be more like theirs. I like my relationship because of us – it just works for us and we are both so happy. It’s easy and effortless. I wouldn’t want to change anything about it.”

Ugh, this is so disgusting.

Thoughts on this story? Are you surprised Mohamed had a three-year-long affair? Do you think Mohamed has ever been faithful? Could Mohamed and Shiva have an open relationship? Will Shiva and Mohamed stay together? Sound off below!

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