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RHOC Recap: Twin Tweaks

We’re finally back from Jamaica and are in the OC (where these ladies belong!)

We see Tamra and Vicki talking to their men with Steve wisely advising Vicki to stop with the plastic surgeries and Eddie trying to convince Tamra to throw her friendship with Shannon down the drain. Eddie did give some sage advice to his wife by telling her to stop gossiping about her friendship with Shannon with the other wives as it’s not going to end in a good look for her (I would say that’s an understatement…)

Across town, Shane and Emily are in therapy with Emily getting candid about her many miscarriages which is why she is so emotional about her embryos. Shane has no interest in having more children; however his Emily is quite emotional about it which makes her husband come off as icy and cold. The therapist senses some issues in their marriage and probes a bit, and I feel there may be more problems than we see with this couple.

Meanwhile, Tamra is planning  her son’s 18th birthday (making me feel old) while Kelly teaches Jolie some inappropriate dance moves and Gina shows off her studio apartment “casita.”

The day of the “tweaks” is here and Shannon is ready to get back on the dating scene (hence the eye surgery) and frenemy Kelly is apparently the best one to be there to support her. Personally, the plastic surgery scenes make me squirm and I’m not a fan of watching (ew.) Shannon’s surgery is much more minor than Vicki’s; however if you ask Kelly, Vicki needs the full enchilada, not just the lower half of her face. Full disclosure: I had a hard time watching these scenes so my apologies if I don’t get too descriptive here.

Luckily, both ladies did great in surgery and are disoriented and in recovery. Shannon is wishing she had a spouse waiting for her in recovery; however unfortunately she’s stuck with Kelly to drive her home. Over at Vicki’s recovery, it’s clear that it was far from a minor surgery as her face looks like a road map and she looks like she survived a horrific accident. Vicki tries to keep it sexy by telling Steve that she has no panties on; however I doubt that he is too tempted at the moment. The thing these ladies do for beauty!

We get a break from the icky-ness and get a family friendly scene with Spencer Barney’s 18th birthday. He is now a legal adult and is proven to be far more mature than his wild mother. He seems to have his life plans together and wisely turns down underage drinking on camera (good thinking there Spence!) Tamra seems to have a good relationship with her son; however I’m shocked that Tamra seems so disappointed he is so straight laced. She refers to him as the “golden child” in front of Ryan and I will say that he seems the exact opposite of his mother (no offense there Tamra.)

At the Simpson abode, Emily is finally ready to look at the baby book that the hospital put together for her after her twins passed away. Emily is naturally very emotional and it’s a tough scene to watch. I sincerely feel for her in this scene, especially after she found the note from her grandmother who was like a mother to her. Oddly, her husband Shane seems very cold in this scene and doesn’t seem affected that his wife is having such a hard time with this. He seems a little off and it seems odd that he was so icy in such an emotional moment.

Meanwhile, Shannon is recovering from eye surgery and looks horrific (no offense Shannon, I’m sure the final product will look great!) Kelly and Gina come to visit her and it’s clear that these two have an agenda fed to them by Bravo producers. Gina has changed her alliances and throws Tamra under the bus by revealing that her supposed bestie Tamra and the other ladies think that she is cray cray, something that Kelly is happy to confirm.

Vicki is doing her classic blanket over the face look (throwback to Iceland) while Steve nurses her back to health. After seeing this recovery I’m questioning if this cosmetic procedure was even worth it. Vicki seems to be obsessed with her looks and seems terrified to lose Steve to another woman. I think it’s sad that Vicki is still so obsessed with her looks and think she should see a therapist and not another surgeon. I get it’s the OC and everyone is young and beautiful; however Vicki seems to have an addiction to plastic surgery and even lied to her doctor about the amount of surgeries she had done (which is incredibly dangerous.)

On to a lighter scene, Tamra is meeting Emily and Gina to confront them on being pot stirrers and relaying information to Shannon. Kelly joins them (looking like she’s an extra from the movie Grease) and it doesn’t take these ladies too long to order drinks and get down to business. Gina admits that she told Shannon about all of the things that Tamra said about her, including her concern for Shannon’s mental health. Gina is annoyed that Shannon relayed this information to Tamra (which I find ironic as this is the exact same thing that Gina just did.) Tamra feels thrown under the bus and isn’t going to take any sh*t from a Bravo newbie and goes after Gina asking her why she would do this. Dr. Emily then chimes in and insinuates that Shannon is just like her mother, mental health problems and all (which probably shouldn’t be discussed on air…)

Next week we see Kelly flirt with her ex husband and more drama between Shannon and Tamra.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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