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RHOC Recap: The Day After

Happy Tuesday OC fans!

We left off last week still in Jamaica with Shannon Beador who was having a meltdown that is sure to go down in OC history. So how will this story unfold? Well, let’s begin!

We start out with Tamra already forgetting about her former bestie until someone reminds her that Shannon is missing. Once she is reminded of her frenemy, Tamra reveals that she is really afraid of her and it’s difficult to be Shannon Beador’s friend. The ladies finally decide that enough is enough when it comes to Shannon’s drama and decide to have some fun by going to Jamaica’s Dunn River Falls. I’ve actually done this and it’s a great time (not nearly as difficult as these divas ladies make it out to be.) Tamra has to sit it out due to her broken foot but gets a front row seat to the sh*t show that includes Kelly’s boobs, Vicki falling multiple times and Gina being over dramatic about water. Overall, it’s your average trip for this bunch.

The ladies return to a cool room complete with treats; however Shannon is still MIA and is not picking up the phone. Vicki starts to panic, thinking something may have happened to her and I think Shannon is being a bit immature by using the silent treatment on the ladies. Shannon (finally) answers the phone and is shocked that anyone was concerned about her as she has been nothing but fun this entire time <- her words, definitely not mine. Nonetheless, she decides to participate in the beach dinner and maybe we will finally get to see fun Shannon this time.

Vicki goes to pick up Shannon who is still hurt, and I’m confused as to how Shannon sees herself as fun as she has had nothing but tears and pity for herself this season. The dinner beach setup is stunning and I’m thinking only this bunch of women can find something to argue about on such a beautiful night. Shannon arrives to a group of skeptical ladies who immediately reprimand her for not answering her phone and for adding stress on their otherwise fun day. Shannon breaks the ice by apologizing for going MIA and takes a BIG step by listening to the other women and admitting that she had issues with Gina’s divorce because it’s what she wanted for herself. Gina then gets emotional at Shannon’s acknowledgement and breaks down saying that her divorce isn’t as perfect as it seems and it took a Jamaican Christmas ornament to remind her. Tamra is happy that Shannon is giving out apologies; however still wants to knows where her’s is. I think Tamra is a little full of herself, as while Shannon hasn’t been the most fun person to be around, Tamra is far from a friend this season.

Shannon reaches out to Tamra to discuss their spat and Tamra comes out of the gates guns blazing and tells her to be positive and stop complaining. Shannon does seem genuinely apologetic and shows remorse; however Tamra is coming off as a total ice queen in this scene. Meanwhile, the other ladies are gossiping at the table about Shannon, labeling her ‘chemically imbalanced’ and implying that she is depressed and mentally ill. Emily breaks down in tears saying that Shannon reminds her of her mother who had severe mental illness that scarred her childhood. Not sure why these ladies are trying to diagnose Shannon when in their own words, they don’t know her at all as they aren’t close with her. Which one is it Gina and Emily? Kelly then states that she can relate to Shannon as both of them lived privileged lives and stress is not something Shannon is used to dealing with, causing her to come unraveled.

Back at the Tamra vs. Shannon fight, Shannon provides a formal, and sincere, apology to Tamra and admits that she needs to listen more. Tamra states that she is still in this friendship for the long run; however Shannon needs to be more positive as they cant keep going on like they have been.

We finally get some fun as the ladies get a beautiful day out and relax with drinks on the beach, complete with Shannon waddling her way into the ocean. Seriously – is there anyone more uncoordinated than Shannon Beador? I love to see a loosened up and fun loving Shannon; however a very nosy Gina is still dwelling on the past and wants the 411 on Tamra’s conversation with Shannon. Note to Gina: Get over it, it’s not your business!

Gina and Emily are sipping margaritas on the beach when Gina’s mother calls. Emily then immediately breaks down in tears (literally out of nowhere) as she does not have a relationship with her mother. I’m honestly shocked that Emily is this bothered by Gina’s mom calling and I’m thinking everyone in this group needs some serious therapy (not just Shannon.) Emily reveals that she tries to give her children the childhood that she never had and had children later in life in an attempt to break the cycle.

Gina and Tamra chat in the water about her discussion with Shannon and all I’m wondering is when we are going to stop talking about Shannon this trip. Didn’t we decide we were going to stop this awhile ago? Emily thinks Tamra has been holding back with Shannon and that their resolution will be short lived (I have to agree.) Emily thinks Shannon is not aware of all the comments that pot stirrer Tamra has made and that when she finds out more fights ensue.

The generations then split up with the youngins performing acrobatics in the water while the elders sip drinks on the beach. While Emily belly flops in the water, Vicki is peer pressured to twerk (which she wisely declines.) According to Vicki, women don’t twerk after 50. I don’t know about that, but I do think that Vicki specifically should not twerk.

The ladies go out shopping and lunch, finally enjoying their beach vacation. Vicki has set rules in order to enjoy their last dinner: no discussing mental health and only talk about the humidity. The ladies go around the table and reminisce on the best parts of their trip and Tamra throws a curve ball by saying her fight with Shannon was her highlight as they can now grow as friends. The two hug it out and get teary eyed and vow to only go up after this argument.

We end this episode with Gina and Shannon kissing and Vicki twerking. Ugh – thank goodness the episode is over, that’s all I have to say.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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