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RHOD Recap: A Recipe for Disaster

Howdy Dallas fans!

We start out this week with D’Andra visiting her husband to do a promo plug for a photo op on their newest launch ‘hard night good morning.’ Am I the only one over all of these real housewives product launches?? Enough is enough already – I don’t want to spend free time watching infomercials!

Across town we see Sparkle Dog Kameron at a brunch for charity which LeeAnne and Cary also attend. The issue of D’Andra and her drinking comes up and Cary wisely advises her to steer clear of that topic. LeeAnne feels that all D’Andra and Brandi do is get drunk together; while D’Andra and her husband insist that they have only gone out two times. D’Andra is having second thoughts about inviting LeeAnne to a cooking weekend and it’s safe to say that it’s for good reason as LeeAnne is basically labeling both D’Andra and Brandi alcoholics at this point. If that’s the case, everyone on Bravo should be in AA as Bravo + drinking go hand in hand.

Meanwhile, Cary and her husband are still residing at her parents house and Cary is need of a getaway ASAP which means….RHOD road trip! Cary is going to visit her relatives in Denmark and conveniently invites her girlfriends to go with her. I’m confused as to how Cary is hoping to get closer to her dad by going to Copenhagen with her girlfriends…does anyone else understand this? We all know this is Bravo production driving the trip but couldn’t they make the story line a little more believable, no?

At the Hollman House, Stephanie is salivating at the fact that she is now dating a Harvard man; however is concerned about her anxiety while her hubby is away. I love how Stephanie is open about her depression and anxiety as it’s a real topic that shouldn’t be taboo to discuss. On a happier note, Stephanie and Travis are ready to renew their vows for their 10 year anniversary and I have a feeling that Bravo cameras will be there to capture it (wink wink).

The day of the cooking class has arrived and Mama Dee is in all her southern glory hosting a cooking lesson. D’Andra is ready to release some stress via cooking and finds inspiration in the fact that her mother and her best friend have been friends for 40 years and have been through their own ups and downs (giving hope for her and LeeAnne.) Apparently D’Andra has had a weight complex from the 4th grade and has a complicated relationship with food which I find shocking as I think D’Andra looks great! Kam joins the bunch bringing her socialite mother  in law named Jimmy with her, who according to LeeAnne, is an “icon in Dallas society.” What is with Dallas and their damn society? Are they stuck in the 1980’s in Texas??

The cooking lesson is humorous and I feel that I need to attend Mama Dee’s cooking school as I can’t cook for crap (however the only time I eat ketchup is when I have fries.) Perhaps if I attend they can have a special ‘sans – ketchup’ menu?

On a more serious note, the topic of alcohol comes up and Kameron sides with LeeAnne that D’Andra + Brandi = no bueno for Dallas society. LeeAnne pulls Mama Dee aside and airs her grievances while Rich and Jeremy do the same. If all Bravolebs discussed problems like Rich and Jeremy do we would have no shows because there would be no drama. Speaking of drama, Kameron and Jimmy and having an intervention with D’Andra about her behavior when she is running around with Brandi Redmond. Apparently the girl can leave Dallas society; however Dallas society is like a bad rash and will never leave the girl. At the same time, LeeAnne has a heart to heart with Mama Dee and both discuss family lines of alcoholism. Dee has concerns about D’Andra’s drinking as well, giving some truth to LeeAnne’s comments as apparently this isn’t the first time that D’Andra’s drinking has come up.

Across town, Brandi is helping Travis buy the perfect ring for Stephanie Travis’s 10 year anniversary party. Apparently Brandi did this 10 years ago when Travis was getting ready to propose to Steph and if it worked then it will work now. Brandi has known Travis for decades and had met his past loves; however when she met Stephanie she knew she was the girl for Travis (and herself!)

Meanwhile, at the Dallas cooking class the ladies are enjoying pounds of butter and ketchup; however Dee takes the time to make a not so subtle dig at her daughter by warning everyone to invest in the people spend their time with. It’s obvious the senior ladies of Dallas society are trying to warn D’Andra from hanging out with this “new money”; however D’Andra is a grown women and society classes are outdated so who the hell cares?

D’Andra and Mama Dee attend an event in honor of one of Jeremy’s military photographs, which is being turned into a mural. Apparently D’Andra is thrilled that Kam is attending as she is waiting to bitch her out as a southern lady does not call out an ‘elder’ (aka Jimmy) but she can cal out her peer (Kam.) D’Andra speaks with Kameron privately and Kameron is brutally honest, stating that Dallas society is talking about D’Andra and what they are saying ain’t pretty. Mama Dee tries to comfort her daughter while Kameron storms out feeling that D’Andra was attacking her mother in law. Essentially this is all going to come out on the Denmark trip so hold on to your hats as drama is in our future.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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