RHOC Recap: Blow Up

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Welcome back to Jamaica mon! We’re definitely not in the OC anymore…

The ladies are still suffering from 99% humidity including an annoyed Tamra who is over being in the retirement home with the elders (Vicki and Shannon.) The ladies (and Tamra) decide to leave without their elders as they are taking too long to get ready and leave their sweaty asses behind.

Shannon and Vicki (finally) arrive at dinner and are definitely tipsy to say the least. Shannon is “fun Shannon” tonight as she is getting her eyelids done next week and needs to take a much needed break from drinking. Tamra is definitely not a fan of Shannon tonight as she feels the world revolves around her despite Shannon insisting that tonight they are looking at “fun Shannon”; however no one has seen her yet. Gina takes the chance to kick Shannon while she’s down to say how she feels Shannon hasn’t been friendly with her and what a sh**ty friend she has been with Tamra. Shannon then goes over the edge to prove what a great friend she is to Tamra; however unfortunately for Shannon, Tamra isn’t backing that up.

Shannon (being Shannon) runs to the bathroom in tears, forcing Tamra to run after and state the obvious: we all have sh*t on our plate, not just Shannon Beador. Kelly and Vicki join them in the bathroom to try and calm an erratic Shannon; however Tamra is over Shannon and her constant negativity. Shannon feels that she and Tamra have resolved their issues; however Tamra’s talking head is telling another story.

While on the bus going back, Shannon reveals that she is not happy that Tamra keeps bringing up their feud when she thought it was water under the bridge and these middle aged women end up driving back in silence like 12 year old girls feuding. Shannon then storms off the bus and is clearly having some sort of breakdown with all the women agree that she needs to stop with her tantrums. While Shannon attempts to take off her mic, Tamra runs to Shannon to try and talk some sense into her. Shannon needs 10 hours minutes to decompress; however Tamra is intent on having Shannon stay to “have fun.” Good luck with that Tamra! I think Shannon is erratic and needs to calm down; however Tamra is no friend by forcing her to stay on camera when she clearly needs a breather.

Tamra comes back to the other ladies to talk sh*t about Shannon, and Gina reveals that she feels responsible for ruining the night. The ladies go for a drink (without Shannon) to gossip more about her. Shannon has never worked a day in her life or paid bills on her own and the other ladies decide to take that and run with it. I’m torn as I feel everything they say about Shannon is completely true but at the same time, aren’t these supposed to be her friends?? Kelly even goes as far to say that David was a saint to stay with her while Tamra states that something just isn’t right with her. I’m sure Shannon is loving to watch this play out.

The ladies feel that Shannon needs to cool off (literally) and move to a villa that is cooler. Shannon can’t seem to (emotionally) cool down as she is extremely hurt that Tamra didn’t have her back and she is trying to prove that she is a damn good friend. Vicki then somehow gets into the mix and Shannon’s lack of support of Brooks comes up which we all know that no good will come out of. Kelly then states the obvious: she is going to give herself a damn heart attack and needs to relax. The ladies try and convince her to go on medication to calm the crazy which only makes Shannon even crazier.

Tamra is over Shannon and her constant tears while Kelly reveals that she is on Shannon’s calling list when she is having a daily breakdown. Shannon is coming unraveled before our eyes and out of everything that was said, apparently the medication comment hurt her the most. I’m honestly worried for Shannon at this point and feel that the other ladies are only hurting her right now and should have given her space vs. stating an impromptu intervention which is clearly not helping.

Despite being known for it’s laid back culture, Jamaica is turning into a disaster for these ladies and is far from the relaxing vacation it was supposed to be. Luckily they are able to move into an air conditioned villa so at least they have that going for them as the rest is a disaster. Tamra and Vicki are having breakfast in bed and discuss the sh*t show that was the night before as Emily, Gina and Kelly are doing the same thing. Apparently Shannon isn’t answering any calls from the group; however none of the ladies care at this point as they are over her drama and are more concerned with getting in the Jamaican spirit.

The ladies plan on (finally) having some fun and are going bobsledding; however before that Tamra needs to talk a little more trash. Tamra shows the ladies the texts that Eddie had sent her, encouraging her to essentially dump Shannon as a friend due to her constant calls and drama. Tamra may have some valid points with Shannon; however she is also proving what a horrible friend she can be as I’m sure Shannon truly trusted her with her toughest times.

The ladies arrive at the bobsled park and we are treated by a twerking Vicki which no one asked for. The ladies jump on the bobsleds and apparently it’s more confusing than one would think as they have to essentially drive their own bobsleds. I’ll admit it looks like a great time and I’m getting a cool runnings vibe and I have to wonder if Shannon joined them if it would have ended in tears instead of laughs? Vicki decides to rub some salt in the wound by loudly stating she was going to buy an XL shirt for Shannon; while she would need a medium. Nice Vick! Speaking of Vicki, the ladies are suspicious of Vicki’s perkier derriere and I think we all are confident Vicki had (some additional) work done.

The ladies get a drink at the bar and try again to text Shannon who is still not responding to calls; however has no problem drinking straight vodka. The ladies see some consistent red flags with Shannon and I think they have opened Pandora’s box this trip.

Next week we see more sun, drinks and waterfalls and a pissed off Tamra. Will you be tuning in?

Thoughts on this episode? Team Shannon or team everyone else?

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