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Is the RHOBH Cast Upset With Lisa Vanderpump Because She Leaked Stories To the Press? Plus, LVP Speaks Out

It’s pretty clear that Lisa Vanderpump is on the outs with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars but the reason why isn’t quite as clear.

Rumor has it, LVP was caught in a lie by her RHOBH co-stars over leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley to the press.

As you may recall, on September 11th Radar Online reported that Dorit adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs but after the dog, allegedly, bit one of her kids she gave it away to a friend. That friend then returned the dog to a different dog shelter. After the dog’s microchip was scanned it was revealed that the pup was from Vanderpump Dogs.

Apparently, Dorit should have returned the pup to Vanderpump Dogs instead of giving it away. After this story broke, LVP chatted with TMZ and defended Dorit but she stopped talking to her castmates shortly after.

Coincidence? I think not.

It turns out that, LVP’s drama with her co-stars wasn’t over the dog but instead over the claim that LVP leaked the story about the dog to various media outlets. Some even

Now Radar Online reports that the leaking accusation will play a major role in the storyline for season 9.

“Lisa leaks like a sieve!” one RHOBH castmember quipped to Radar.

However, Radar Online boss Dylan Howard denies the claims that LVP “sold” the story to them and says she’s never been a source for the publication.

“I can say unequivocally that Lisa has never been an anonymous source to the site — although I for one wish that she was! She’d be as rich with information as she is rich is real-life!”

On the other hand, a Bravo production insider tells Radar, “The bad blood between all the costars is off the charts. Everyone is ganging up against each other and real friendships are falling apart all in the name of fame and fortune. It’s very sad.”

Meanwhile, LVP addressed the rumors on Twitter this past weekend when a fan tweeted her about Radar’s latest story.

“Apparently guilty before being proved guilty. Truth prevails. Always,” LVP tweeted hinting that she’s completely innocent of the claims against her.

Guess we will have to wait and see for ourselves when the drama plays out during season 9. Can’t wait.

This isn’t the first time LVP’s been accused of selling stories, for money, to the press. Back in February 2012, during the RHOBH season 2 reunion, Adrienne Maloof accused LVP of leaking a story to Radar Online and getting paid $25,000 for it.

“I’ve never sold a story!” Lisa adamantly rebuffed. But Adrienne didn’t back down and continued to poke at her former neighbor.

“You’ve never sold a story? To Radar Online?” Adrienne questioned LVP.

“Never sold a story. Have I talked to Radar Online? Yes!” Lisa said, noting she’s never been paid for anything. “Sold a story? You think they’ve given me a check? No, on my children’s life, on my life!

Back then, Radar’s Executive Vice President, David Perel also denied that LVP was a source and showed support for LVP.

“Don’t blame Adrienne for accusing Lisa, she was told wrong info by person not from Radar,” David Perel tweeted. “I don’t blame Adrienne at all! Totally not her fault. She was given wrong info.”

Adding, “Happy to set the record straight for Lisa and everyone. Wild reunion!”

All I can say is…


Anywho, not saying LVP is feeding or selling stories to Radar but it’s odd that this is the second time she’s being accused of selling stories, for money, to the same publication and they are once again denying the claim. It’s just odd. But being privy to some of the behind-the-scenes Housewives stuff, I do know that Housewives feed info to sites all the time especially if they can make money.

Thoughts on these latest rumors? Do you believe LVP is sold the story about Dorit to Radar? If the claims are true, does the cast have the right to be pissed at LVP? Should LVP suck it up and film with her co-stars? Is she running away from the fight? Do you think LVP sold stories to Radar in the past? Sound off below!

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