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RHOC Recap: Heat Waves & Hot Flashes!

Welcome back to the OC!

We start out this episode with the obligatory montage of the ladies packing for Jamaica for their girls trip to celebrate Shannon’s QVC success; however Shannon isn’t looking forward to being in a bikini or sleeveless at this point. Shannon shows up (apparently never going to bed) and Kelly is apparently dating on the plane so you know it’s going to be a good trip.

The ladies arrive to Jamaica, and apparently didn’t know that Jamaica is..well….hot (as in very hot.) While the ladies harass the bus driver they get in the Jamaican spirit by wearing the stereotypical hats that all Americans wear in Jamaica and discuss being horny #OCsFinest.

Things start out awkward when Shannon refuses to stay with Gina and Emily and prefers to stay with the drunk tres amigas.  Tamra and Vicki disgust the poor butler by trying to claim the master bedroom while Gina and Emily feel slighted that Shannon doesn’t want to be their bestie. To add salt to the wound, the air conditioning isn’t working so the ladies are sweating their bums off in addition to having heated conversation. Apparently Gina and Emily lucked out by not rooming with Shannon as Shannon refuses to open the windows for fear of catching the Zika virus.

While at dinner, Shannon finds out that her house has sold and that she has to move (again) which pushes her to tears as her daughters will have more change. Kelly puts things in perspective by telling Shannon to take her kids to the projects and I do think Shannon needs a reality check on what real world problems are vs. OC problems. Speaking of OC problems, Gina’s unconventional divorce comes up along with their unusual living situation which no one understands. All of the ladies (including me) are concerned about Gina’s financial situation as she seems to think that Matt will keep paying her to live the same lifestyle long after their marriage is done with. Gina seems a little naive and I’m wondering if this divorce will be a huge awakening for her on what it’s like to be a single mom. Vicki decides to be a mother to Gina (again) and vows to help her sort it out while Shannon is oblivious to anyone’s problems other than her owns.

While divorce and moves are discussed, Vicki starts having an allergic reaction which is NOT a good look when you have had a lot of plastic surgery. The solution? Having Tamra pour water all over her which just completes this hot mess look as poor paying patrons look on in horror.

Day #2 in Jamaica looks promising other than the 99% humidity on a beach day. Tamra ends up laying out with Emily and Gina while the other ladies do a spa day. Kelly cannot relax as she has a rash and has never had a rash before (something which she continues to reiterate.) Meanwhile, on the beach, the topic of Shannon comes up and Tamra pretty much throws her bestie under the bus by saying she enables Shannon out of pity. Basically all of the ladies feel she is a sad old lady and I’m sure Shannon is loving this conversation after watching it play out. They throw out names such as ‘negative Nancy’ and ‘Sour Shannon’ which Tamra doesn’t exactly deny.

Meanwhile, a naked Shannon is enjoying her spa day and I’m confused on how Shannon can’t wear a bathing suit but can be naked other than a towel when she knows these ladies are going to try and rip it off her. Tamra is enjoying her Shannon free day as she drinks and lounges with Gina and Emily while they continue to gossip about Debbie Downer.

The ladies are going on a water excursion (despite Gina’s fear of water and Shannon’s annoying fear of Zika) and friendships are tested. Vicki and Shannon decide to sit next to each other as Tamra and Shannon’s friendship seems to be shaky at the moment. Despite some murky water and fear of diseases, the ladies get pumped up for their rafting trip; however Tamra seems annoyed that Shannon chose Vicki over her. The ladies continue on with their irrational fears of the Cracken and sharks and all I have to say is I’m glad I’m not vacationing with this bunch (not to mention Shannon has bad gas to go along with it.) Overall, the river trip seems to go pretty well (motor boating and all) as no major fights break out; however Vicki has yet another allergic reaction.

After an uneventful boat ride, the ladies decide to spice things up by doing some Tarzan style rope swinging. Emily, Gina, Kelly and Tamra decide to be adventurous; while Shannon and Vicki get drunk over red stripes. Vicki dives in head first with the bartender and spills her problems and the two discuss their problems with men; however Shannon can’t be bothered (as it doesn’t involve her.) The rest of the ladies join them at the bar; however the second the other ladies join them, Shannon bolts for the van.

Next week we get to see Debbie Downer Shannon get ganged up on and Tamra screaming at her to stop screaming. #FriendshipByBravo.

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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