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Danielle Staub Says She Believed She Could Solve Marty Caffrey’s Drinking Problem!

Danielle Staub has said she blames the demise of her marriage to Marty Caffrey on his drinking. It was also recently announced by her, that they are still living together and it’s “uncomfortable.” The Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Page Six in a recent interview that her estranged husband “would just drink and then leave her” in various situations ahead of their wedding, but she “really thought she could fix him” and went through with their wedding in May with ‘good intentions.’ Danielle said that she and Marty would be at her castmates homes ahead of their nuptials without cameras rolling, and his behavior would take a drastic turn after a few drinks. She said, “I’d be in the bathroom, I’d come out and my husband’s gone. And he has my phone with him in his pocket, and I’ve got no way to get home so I have to ask a friend to take me home.”

Marty denied the claims, telling Page Six, “I never took her phone. I would say, ‘Let’s try one dinner where you leave the phone in the car so you can look at me in eye and hear what I want to talk about. Let’s just talk like normal people.’ She couldn’t do it. She had to be on social media the whole time.” She also insinuated that he behaved that way in restaurants, saying that his drinking “had been bad for a while but I figured, I really thought that publicly putting everyone’s mind to rest that I’m taken would take care of all of his insecurities. I thought that was the only reason he was drinking. I wasn’t rewriting the story like I am now. I really believed I could fix him but instead his drinking just broke it further.”

She said, “In the beginning of relationships, the honeymoon phase which I guess is considered my only honeymoon, you’re able to have cocktails with somebody and even if they have a heavy hand, you don’t know that stuff yet. You’re not seeing their real side yet. My whole real perception is out there, and yet I don’t feel like I was given that in return. I didn’t get to know the real him until most recently because if I had known this was really what he was capable of, I would have never gone through with the wedding. Never.”

He denied that he has a drinking problem, “She is nothing more than a manufactured celebrity. These are nothing more than manufactured lies.” She said that her divorce has been “humiliating” to her and her family, and that she “should have made a choice to move on from him a while ago.” She served divorce papers in September after he skipped her masquerade birthday party and went on a social media rampage about their problems in July. She said, “I’ve never thrown the first blow. But I will have the final. He wanted to go public with our privacy. Well, I haven’t even begun.”

Woah! That is a lot. I hope Danielle gets through this storm soon. I’m super excited that the RHONJ starts soon!

Thoughts on Danielle and Marty getting divorced and all of the accusations? Are you excited for RHONJ to return? Sound off below!

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