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When it Comes to LeeAnne Locken Vs. D’Andra Simmons – Cary Deuber is #TeamLeeAnne!

Apparently Cary Deuber agrees with the Dallas tagline: You don’t mess with Texas and you don’t mess with LeeAnne!

This season on RHOD, we’ve seen a new side to D’Andra Simmons as her friendship with fellow Dallas housewife LeeAnne Locken is falling apart. It comes across to viewers that D’Andra is spreading rumors about Rich’s alleged infidelity as a way to get back at LeeAnne for that $200 comment. One person who isn’t buying it? Cary Deuber, who is defending LeeAnne after being the victim of infidelity rumors last season.

Taking to her Bravo Blog, Cary reiterates that when it comes to marriage and relationships – friends just don’t go there:

Here is one thing I know I will NEVER get behind: publicly shaming someone with bullsh– rumors. This is low hanging fruit, a very low-brow and uneducated response to personal feelings. Many of these ladies claim to be classy and above it. Well, ma’am, you are below it… all of it! I’ve heard silly, groundless rumors about ALL of these ladies…they are just that…rumors!

I know I’ve been on this honesty kick, but that’s what matters most to me: honesty. That does not include spreading crap all over town, especially when, quite frankly, you have no idea about the person’s intention starting the rumor or even worse, maybe you do. They want their five minutes of fame? Or they’re just miserable in their lives and want to destroy the happy people they see? It happened to me and my family last year, and I wish it on no one. Not even anyone who did it to me. So D’Andra, pull it together. The sh– you’re spewing about Rich…it’s not a good look.

No one knows more than Cary what rumors can do (hello – the Round Up) so I’m glad to see that she’s not jumping on that train. Considering LeeAnne is the person behind that Round Up rumor, Cary is really taking the high road in defending LeeAnne.

Thoughts on D’Andra spreading rumors about Rich? Thoughts on Cary’s blog?

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