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Rich Wakile and Siggy Flicker Both Agree That RHONJ Ruined Joe Giudice’s Life; Plus Amber Marchese and Caroline Manzo React To Joe’s Deportation!

Shortly after the news broke that Joe Giudice will be deported back to his native Italy after he finishes serving his 41-month prison sentence, his cousin and former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Rich Wakile spoke out to Radar Online.

“I have goosebumps,” Rich told Radar. “The poor guy lived here his whole friggen life. It’s unbelievable. It’s terrible.”

Rich went on to blame RHONJ for all of Joe’s problems.

“He got the shortest end of the stick out of anyone else I know on TV,” Rich said. “He got zero benefits from it. He personally got zero benefits out of it. That’s the disgusting and terrible part.”

When asked if he feels RHONJ ruined Joe’s life, Rich replied, “Hell yeah!”

However, that wasn’t the most shocking claim Rich made during his interview.

Rich then revealed that he has kept in contact with Joe. This revelation comes as quite a shock considering Joe and Rich’s very public feud.

“We have texted with him back and forth prior to him getting moved from Jersey to Pennsylvania prison,” he said.

Radar also reached out to Joe Gorga for a comment but Joe respectfully declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Siggy Flicker agreed that RHONJ hurt and negatively affected the Giudice family.

“I feel that a lot of the suffering of the Giudice family happened because of the show,” Flicker revealed.

“I saw what it did to me and my family in the two years I was on the show. I’m not putting the full blame on the show but there the idea if you weren’t on a national show and there wasn’t the pressure this wouldn’t have happened. This is my opinion. I saw what it did to my family. My kids and my husband were not happy at the end of the day. It affects your life.”

Still, Siggy remains hopeful that Joe will win his appeal and will remain in the US with his family.

“I hope the judge has a change of heart and does not take him away from his family and his children,” Flicker told Radar.

“It is a hard thing to fathom that he won’t be around to see his daughters grow up. He served his time. This is a crueler punishment. It is too much,” Siggy said. “His brother, his sister, his mother they’re a very close-knit family. I hope the appeal works for the sake of the entire Giudice family.”

Adding, “Joe Giudice is one of the best fathers. He was hands-on and always with his children. Always. Just a great dad.”

Yet, if Joe is deported Siggy says Teresa will remain strong and do what she needs to do for her daughters.

“I’ve never met a person who was stronger than Teresa. She will stay on the course of taking care of her four daughters,” Flicker said.

“Her number one priority is those girls. She will do whatever it will take. She will put them through college. Whatever they need she will make sure they have. She is on a mission.”

No matter what the outcome, Siggy says she will be there for Teresa.

“She’s had so much tragedy. I will always be there for Teresa Giudice, who was very kind, generous and a good friend to me. She loves Joe. Teresa will always love Joe Giudice and Joe Giudice will always love Teresa Giudice. It is Joe and Teresa forever.”

Former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Caroline Manzo and Amber Marchese also reacted to the news that Joe would be deported to Italy after prison.

“Wow, this makes me sad,” Caroline said in a statement to E! News. “Joe has made mistakes, taken responsibility for his actions and has served his time. He has four beautiful girls that need their father in their lives, and my heart hurts for them.  He’s not a violent person or a threat to society.  He has a good heart, lived his entire life in this country, I’m not quite sure how his mistakes warrant such harsh punishment.”

As for Amber, she says, “I think everyone feels for the kids, they are far too young to live such instability, and most importantly without a father. Listen, it might not be ideal, totally life-altering, and it will definitely be a major adjustment, but in the whole grand scheme of ‘sucky news’ that someone can receive, this is not all that bad! He isn’t banished to the pits of hell, this is beautiful Italy we are talking about here.  The question is, is Italy ready to take on one of our own crazy ‘Jersey house husbands’ full time. In all seriousness, they have been through hard times, I know they will turn this around and make these soar grapes into amazing Italian wine.”

I expect that over the next few days and weeks we will see lots of comments from former RHONJ castmembers.

Thoughts on Rich’s comments? Are you surprised Rich and Joe are in contact? Should Rich have waited before speaking out about Joe’s deportation? Sound off!

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