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Danielle Staub Calls Jacqueline Laurita an “Unmanageable Kind of Crazy” Plus Says She’s Not Nervous To See Her Wedding Play Out on Season 9

Danielle Staub clearly loves the spotlight and is doing a ton of press for season 9 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Despite being missing-in-action from most of the season 9 trailer, Danielle seems to be the only NJ Housewife doing major media press for the upcoming season.

On Thursday, Danielle appeared on E!’s Daily Pop and discussed everything RHONJ including her friendship with co-star Teresa Giudice.

Danielle even opened up about some of her “crazy” former RHONJ co-stars.

Plus Danielle’s revealed if she would ever get married again.

So, without further adieu let’s get into it.

The interview kicked off with Danielle discussing her relationship with Teresa, explaining, “Oh, were good. We speak every day, multiple times a day. Our group of friends is super tight now. A lot of her friends happens to be my friends from when we lived in the same area. We see each other on a regular basis socially, we don’t always post it out for everyone to enjoy; it’s just private, hanging out in sweatpants. So, were in a really good place and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great relationship and I’m so glad she reached out me when she did. I needed a friend then as much as she needed me,” Danielle revealed.

E! Daily Pop host, Justin Sylvester then asked Danielle if Teresa ever gave her daughters, Jillian and Christine, the apology they wanted.

While fans saw Teresa apologize to Jillian on screen during season 8, Danielle says a private apology took place away from the cameras.

Since then, Danielle reveals that Jillian and Christine have gotten the chance to know and love Teresa.

“She did,” Danielle said about Teresa apologizing to her daughters. “A lot of it wasn’t caught on the show but behind the scenes, like I’ve said, we have a real relationship and it has even gotten better post-production. My daughters get to have their one on one relationship with her as well as I get to have a one on one relationship with her daughters,” Danielle explained. “And getting to know them all over again is a great joy. They are really good kids she has. I can speak that way of mine too but I know hers better now and I’ve always loved them. They are gorgeous little girls.”

Danielle also revealed that she has the entire Giudice family’s back no matter saying, “I will have their back and take down anyone who comes after that family.”

Despite their past issues, Danielle says she always knew there was a chance that she and Teresa could be good friends.

“We had a cute relationship before everyone got in the way of that and I thought the real person I got know would eventually emerge again and she did. I think when everyone gets out of your way, you can have the relationship you want to have with somebody. “

The interview took a turn when host Justin asked, “Is there anyone who finally left the show who allowed you and Teresa to grow your friendship?”

Danielle says Carole Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita’s exits from RHONJ helped forge the way for her current friendship with Teresa.

Not surprisingly Danielle took the opportunity to throw some shade at Jacqueline and Caroline; calling Jacqueline an “unmanageable kind of crazy.”

“I think Caroline Manzo was a good one to get the boot,” Danielle revealed. “And Jacqueline Laurita is unmanageable kind of crazy. Mine is manageable, I own mine but you know that’s the kind of crazy you just don’t go near unless you have a pocket full of medicine. You just need an arsenal full of medicine on hand.”

When asked if her wedding would still play out on season 9 and if she was nervous about it Danielle said, “No, I’m not nervous.”

Danielle also thanked the hosts for their condolences over her short-lived marriage explaining, “Thank you, it’s not over yet. It’s in the divorce proceedings but no I’m not nervous about seeing the wedding; I’m going to look gorgeous in my gowns.”

Despite being engaged 20 times, Danielle hasn’t kept any of her engagement rings except for “the current one.”

However, Danielle doesn’t have any plans to hold on to her engagement ring from Marty McCaffrey telling the Daily Pop, “No I’m going to sell it. A girl’s got to make those money moves.”

As for a possible reconciliation with Marty, Danielle says, “You know I don’t have a crystal ball but I can honestly say my trust has been broken 100 percent especially for the platform I have and brought him onto. And then going on social media and using my name, a normal person without a public persona would consider that a huge violation of the privacy of marriage and the sanctuary [sic] of marriage, that is a defamation of character.”

Danielle says this marriage did teach her one thing: “That I’m probably not the best at getting married. I’m better at getting engaged.”

“I don’t know if I’m ever looking again. That’s kind of a dead issue. I don’t know,” Danielle wrapped.

Thoughts on Danielle’s interview? Are you surprised Danielle and Teresa have a genuine friendship? Is Jacqueline an “unmanageable kind of crazy?” Do you think Danielle and Marty will reconcile?

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