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Howdy Dallas fans!

We start out this episode with Kameron’s family doing a cooking lesson in Spanish in the Westcott kitchen. Kam thinks that it iss important for her children to learn Spanish as they live in Texas and as Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S.. Buen trabajo Kameron – estoy de acuerdo!

Over at D’Andra’s,  Dee stops by to talk business they discuss if it would be best to separate the two companies. D’Andra would be starting over from square one; however the stress has taken it’s toll on her and she would rather start over than let this ruin her relationship with her mother. This seems to soften Dee who out of the blue basically gives the company to D’Andra; however we all recall when she ‘gave’ the keys to D’Andra before only to take them back. I’ll believe it when I see it! I honestly can’t tell what is going through Dee’s mind at this time as her face does not move and she doesn’t seem to show any emotion.

Stephanie is taking her son Cruz to dance lessons and I love that Stephanie let’s Cruz be Cruz – she really seems like a great mama. Stephanie seems to have a great time with her boys and reveals that spending time with her boys actually helped her overcome depression. Stephanie also reveals that the reason she is so nervous about Travis leaving for a month is due to the fact that the boys do not behave as well for her as they do for Travis. I feel that’s pretty common for young boys so hopefully Stephanie can get some extra help while Travis is away – I mean, they obviously can afford it!

Meanwhile, LeeAnne is planning her wedding in an attempt to prove that she is not Gretchen and Slade 2.0. Kameron calls to invite her to a painting class; however LeeAnne is more concerned with her wedding plans that Rich doesn’t seem to take seriously. Rich has been married three times in the past; however as its LeeAnne’s first marriage she wants a quarter of a million blowout. LeeAnne is hurt that D’Andra isn’t helping plan her wedding; however with their fractured friendship can you really blame her? D’Andra proves that she has completely iced LeeAnne out as when Lee tries to call it goes to voicemail immediately.

Over at Casa Deuber the two are more than ready for their renovations to be completed as Cary can’t take living with her parents as she never really had a close relationship with them. She describes living with her parents like living in a museum as apparently they are very set in their ways. She reveals she has close relatives in Denmark (foreshadowing of a RHOD trip) and is hoping that it will help her connect with her father.

Elle Woods Kameron Westcott is on her way to the painting party along with her dog who she carries around in a stroller. Her reasoning is that little dogs have little legs therefore the stroller is a necessity and not a luxury for little Louis. Kameron, being Kameron. can’t just having a regular painting and wine party and decides to hire a string quartet to get the creative juices flowing.

Brandi has decided to hire a nanny as she needs some help with her three kiddos. Brandi is starting to feel alive again after getting the extra help and is also able to attend the bougie paint party which actually turned out pretty cute. Cutest part of the event? Zuri flirting with Cruz which made my heart melt. I have to add that after seeing Brandi in the car with her girls, the help was desperately needed as her two daughters are clones of herself and have the personalities to go with it.

The ladies are painting freehand which is pretty difficult and it’s safe to say none of them are going to be selling these paintings for any money. The children are adorable and it’s kinda refreshing to see a wholesome, family event for once instead of the ladies guzzling wine and screaming at each other. Of course, LeeAnne has to ruin it as she ends up pulling Cary aside to ask what the other ladies have been saying about her. Cary reveals that Stephanie has been raving about her; however Brandi on the other hand has been gossiping about her. Of course, this does not go over well with LeeAnne who can’t believe that someone would accuse her of being in Kameron’s ear and you know this is something we are going to hear about in the next episode.

The party dies down and all that is left is an exhausted LeeAnne, a pissed off D’Andra and a happy go lucky Kameron. They reveal they will be having a lunch at Stephanie’s which I predict will result with LeeAnne fighting with D’Andra and/or Brandi.

D’Andra and LeeAnne meet for coffee and discuss the demise of their friendship. LeeAnne feels D’Andra doesn’t care how she feels; however D’Andra is still hurt by the $200 comment. D’Andra also feels LeeAnne is projecting her fears onto herself as she may be secretly fearing that Rich is unable to be faithful. D’Andra should know better that this will just anger LeeAnne and their friendship is worse off at the end of this coffee date than before.

Next week we get to attend an 80’s party so be sure to come back for a rad time!

Thoughts on Dallas this week? Let’s discuss!

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