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RHOD Recap – Babes in Brandiland

Welcome back Dallas fans!

We are starting this week by all asking ourselves, how can we become best friends with Stephanie Hollman? Not only does she help her friends adopt adorable babies, but she is also hosting the Dallas ladies for a spa day in her home  and let’s just say I’m jelly. Not only does she have the bathroom of a goddess, she is hiring some Greek gods (and some kangaroos) to wait on the lucky ladies. Sign me up for this type of GNO (hint, hint Stephanie!)

Over in LeeAnne land, she is getting ready to run an ad for her versatile dress; however instead of focusing on the task at hand she is more upset about D’Andra’s outburst during the smash outing. Kameron and LeeAnne are less concerned with D’Andra’s bank account and are more concerned with Cary playing both side which they think is the real root of the problem. Personally I’m not invested in any of this drama and am more interested in how many ways LeeAnne can play up this little black dress (but what is with the one red capped sleeve?)

Meanwhile, Brandi is hosting a pop up event for Brandiland which is a clothing line she has been trying to launch focusing on resort ware. I had no idea this was a thing so either I’m way out of the loop or Brandi needs to work on her marketing campaign. Her bestie Stephanie comes to support her along with the other Dallas gals who are rocking Brandiland attire. I must say the ladies look fab in her dresses so perhaps I should be paying more attention to this line? Cary is looking amazing in her resort ware; however I’m more impressed that her handbag has it’s own raincoat making the rest of us look low budget. Someone who is not low budget (and also a fan of the purse rain coast) is Kameron who is impressed that Brandi can raise three children and also be an entrepreneur which she finds inspirational for her Sparkle Dog empire.

All is going well at Brandi’s event until Kameron pulls Cary aside to tell her to her face that she plays both sides. Personally I like Cary and don’t understand why Kameron is trying to pick a fight with her. Kam also seems to be the queen of making a big deal out of nothing (ahem – going off on Stephanie for bashing a baby) so this doesn’t really surprise me at this point. Cary attempts to defend herself; however Kameron shuts her down after she points her finger at her. Apparently Cary’s finger pointing was too high and Kameron would have been fine with it if her finger pointing was a little lower #fightingbyKameron. Cary calls in reinforcements by calling Stephanie over which confuses poor Steph and forces Kameron to run away. All I can say is that scene was confusing as hell and I have no idea what we just witnessed.

Kameron then goes over to D’Andra and LeeAnne hoping for backup; however the two ladies are having their own argument over LeeAnne spilling the beans on D’Andra’s bank account. Apparently Dallas society is all about the Benjamin’s and D’Andra is humiliated that the upper crust of Dallas thinking that she has $200 to her name. LeeAnne tears up saying she would rather hurt herself than D’Andra; however D’Andra is not buying it. We come full circle back to Kameron and Cary fighting which ends in Kameron tearing up as she feels Cary is not loyal to her. Cary proves her friendship by revealing she saved Kameron from the rubber testicles in Beaver Creek which proves she is ride or die in her friendship with Kam.

Also ride or die? Stephanie and Brandi who have a heart to heart about Brandi being stretched too thin between her newbown, two girls and husband (not to mention now Brandiland.) Brandi admits she is trying to do it all and it is stating to take it’s toll on her. Stephanie admits that she is worried that Brandi is running herself into the ground and I’m sure any new mom would probably feel the same way. Hang in there Brandi!

Stephanie’s spa day is upon us and I’m still wishing I got an invite to this soiree. The real star of the show is the baby kangaroo which I don’t quite get why it’s there – but hey it’s cute, and why not? Cary is the first to arrive and is greeted by Greek gods fanning her along with being greeted with a crown. I’m not understanding the connection with the togas, crowns and kangaroos but it seems to be working despite the odd combo.

Cary and Brandi go off to get their nails done and Brandi expresses her frustrations that Cary made herself look good at the expense of Brandi. Luckily the two are able to laugh at how ridiculous it is to fight over fake balls and there are no tears or shouting over the stressticles debacle. Meanwhile, Stephanie and LeeAnne are getting massages and the two seem to be getting along great. Kameron comes up and Brandi feels that she doesn’t have a voice of her own and that she is judgmental, looking down on the other girls. I do feel Kameron needs to lighten up and not take herself so seriously so she may have a point here.

Meanwhile at the Westcott home, Kameron seems to be annoying the heck out of her husband despite Kameron’s apparent success at the Global Pet Expo. Apparently Court is over Sparkle Dog (like the rest of us) and doesn’t understand why Kameron isn’t happy just being a stay at home mom. Court is ready to put the lid on Sparkle Dog as it’s not making the money he would like it to; however Kameron is not ready to give up on her dream of being the real life Elle Woods and proving everyone wrong.

Well that’s it for this week! What is your opinion of Dallas so far?

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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