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RHOC Recap: Italian Night Fight!

Welcome back to the OC! The place where men love drama, divorces are abundant and friends can turn into enemies the second you turn your back.

We start out with Kelly helping Tamra out at her doctors appointment and discussing how the apology tour with Emily went. The two women agree that men should never get into women’s drama; however Kelly believes the root of the problem is Steve. Kelly believes that Steve is using Vicki for money and drops a bomb that he had to move in with his mom when the two broke up (Vicki seems to have a type here!) Despite her faux concern for Vicki, Kelly is more concerned on whether Tamra’s hot doctor is single as finding men in the OC isn’t as easy as it may seem.

Emily and Gina are taking their kids out for a family fun day on the farm. The kids are adorable and it looks like a wholesome family day out which has to be ruined by talking about dinner the night before. Gina doesn’t understand why Shannon was upset about her opinion and the two are definitely off to a rocky start. Personally, I don’t think Gina had any room to talk about what Shannon should have done as frankly it’s none of Gina’s business. The discussion transitions to Gina’s upcoming divorce and I find it odd that Gina talks so openly in front of her children, but hey – that’s just my opinion! We all have one, don’t we?

Across town, Vicki and Tamra are wine tasting which means Tamra will be spilling the beans about what was said about Steve. The two barely sit down when Tamra starts grilling her about her love for Steve. Vicki admits she did take a break with Steve and during that time he had to move in with his mommy mom; however still isn’t seeing any red flags with him. The truth between Kelly and Steve is that Steve blames Kelly for her divorce; however Kelly is insistent that it was a mutual split. Just like Shane needs to stay out of the drama, Steve needs to do the same. What is with this new crop of men and their love for Bravo drama?

The conversation then turns to divorce in the OC, specifically between Gina and her husband Matt. Both Tamra and Vicki think the divorce seems to have occurred out of boredom vs. stemming from actual problems. I’m wondering if Gina is going to regret this decision as something does seem off (both in their marriage and in their divorce.)

Gina is getting her single body ready and is discussing the most amicable divorce ever in the OC. Kelly is confused more than anyone about this divorce as her marriage was so volatile that a decent marriage ending does not compute. Gina keeps stressing that she and Matt are friends and that if they never left New York they would have never divorced. Apparently the two are even still having sex. I guess I’m just another person who is perplexed about this split as the two seem to have one of the best marriages in Bravoland compared to what we’ve seen.

Two people that can stay together are Vicki and her blast from the past Dominico who are hosting a dinner party. I remember Dominico from the early seasons of the OC and I love him cooking an old school Italian for the ladies. Gina and Emily get a night off from the children and Shane is nervous that his wife has to interact with his enemy #1 Kelly Dodd. Kelly seems to have let their argument go; however Shane is like a dog with a bone on this issue and is not moving on from their fight at Tamra’s party.

Vicki’s dinner party looks lovely and I’m starting to get the impression that Dominico asked to cook for the ladies just as a way to meet the single women. Emily takes advantage of the dinner by asking Kelly to come over to apologize to Shane, and apparently hell has frozen over as she has agreed to it. With that out of the way, the flirty Italian dinner begins and Tamra can’t help but notice the chemistry between Vicki and Dominico. Luckily Vicki has Dominico on her side as Kelly is now at odds with her due to her issues with Steve. I want to know why a grown man lives with his mom during a breakup with his girlfriend – can we get an answer to that?

The dinner setup is gorgeous complete with live music and only this group of ladies could ruin such a bella noche. The first fight of the evening is that none of the ladies understand Gina’s divorce and think she’s making a huge mistake. Gina describes it almost like parting ways from an old friend vs. breaking up a family and the ladies are baffled by this. Shannon makes a comment about money which sets the ladies off as sweet little Gina thinks money won’t be a problem. Vicki then brings up God (which no one should do in a heated discussion) and thinks that Gina is lacking a moral compass. This naturally sets Gina off and she ends up leaving the table as we all know Vicki is not the judge and jury when it comes to being a decent human being. Gina ends up calling Matt from the bathroom in tears and I find it odd that she is calling her ex husband for support as she is preparing to part ways with him. Luckily, Emily is the voice of reason and is able to speak in a sweet and logical tone to Gina. I think we all need a friend like Emily in these situations! Gina returns to the table and is able to articulate her feelings in a logical and clear manner; however is not going back on her decision to divorce Matt.

Over at Emily’s, Kelly is coming over for her apology tour (bringing her daughter Jolie which, once again, does not seem appropriate.) Emily leaves Kelly and Shane alone to hash it out and wisely hands Kelly a glass of water instead of wine. Kelly shockingly comes from a sincere and calm place and even though I’m not a Kelly fan – I’m proud of her in this scene. What I don’t like is that Kelly is the only one apologizing and Shane is taking zero responsibility. Does he not remember being disgusted at her after asking her if that’s how she usually asks?

Well that’s it for this week – next week apparently Shannon loses her sh*t so be sure to come back to find out why!

Thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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