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AllAboutTRH Poll: Is “I’m Going to Kill You” a Figure of Speech? RHOC’s Emily Simpson Thinks So!

Apparently, Emily Simpson thinks “I’m going to kill you” is a figure of speech.

However, her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Shannon Beador doesn’t agree.

Shannon called out Emily’s claim that “I’m going to kill you” is a figure of speech on Twitter following Monday’s episode.

“I don’t think that “I’m going to kill you” is a figure of speech. Haven’t said it to anyone,” Shannon tweeted.

Yet, Emily stands by her claim and replied telling Shannon, “It’s a figure of speech when the elements of a death threat aren’t met. Which they weren’t. Maybe you shouldn’t have dropped out of law school.”

Fans quickly sided with Shannon and further called Emily out.

“‘I’m going to kill you’ is definitely not a figure of speech. It’s a threat. Don’t have to be a lawyer to figure that out,” one fan wrote.

To which, Emily replied “Apparently you do because you’re wrong. Read my blog and learn the law before you come at me.”

On the other hand, Emily says she never “condoned” her behavior that night.

So, what did Emily say in her blog about threatening to kill Kelly?

Well, Emily says, “I’d like to start off by reiterating that I am in no way proud of my behavior at Tamra’s party. I feel like any wife who respects her marriage and her husband would have become as irate as I did. However, I am the ONLY one taking any responsibility for my own actions that evening. And let’s be honest, for a “death threat” to be actionable, the other party has to have an imminent and reasonable fear that their life is in jeopardy. The fact that Kelly continued to scream, “Hit me! Hit me!” and was laughing means she was not scared for her life. Therefore, Kelly’s constant focusing on what I said that night is simply a deflection from dealing with her own abhorrent behavior.”

After hearing lots of opinions we’d love to know what you think! Take our poll and let us know your opinion!

Thoughts on Emily’s tweets? Was Emily the only one who took responsibility for her behavior? Did Emily threaten Kelly? Sound off below!

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