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LeeAnne Locken Thinks that Brandi and D’Andra Are Starting to Show Their True Colors!

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If you’ve been following RHOD this season you know that friendships are changing and that society statuses are at risk (apparently in Dallas this is a big deal.) D’Andra and Brandi have become fast friends (thanks to tequila) and there is at least one Texan woman who is not happy about it.

Taking to her Bravo Blog, LeeAnne reiterates why she is skeptical of Brandi and D’Andra’s new friendship saying:

“When I brought up my fears about Brandi to (D’Andra), she was already well aware of the fact that I did not TRUST Brandi to keep up her end of peaceful. Go back and read my first blog! I had a very strong fear that their friendship would be a welcome distraction from dealing with her mother and figuring out what to do with her career. I shared how deeply I have been hurt by Brandi so that she would understand my fear of her getting hurt. I knew that by stepping up and sharing this fear with her it would create two possible problems for me 1) She would tell Brandi and it would stir negative feelings between us and 2) She would think I was trying to stop them from becoming friends. The truth is, I was simply saying “Don’t go off riding a horse without your saddle!” That’s all! At least the conversation ends with my REAL INTENTION….”proceed with caution.”

LeeAnne continues to slam Brandi and her behavior while also hinting that her friendship with D’Andra is changing due to Brandi’s interference:

“WTF?? Where was Brandi hiding a garden hose and funnel all day while we walked around? I’m not kidding! I really want to know! Now to the part about feeling “left out” uhh NO!… If I was at home maybe I would feel left out but I am standing right next to you! All 51 years of me! Now, D’Andra jumps in and says I should hang up my hat? Brandi and D’Andra are really starting to show their TRUE COLORS. Oh, and I’m gross for burping but peeing and farting on people is hilarious. #judgymuch”

LeeAnne goes on to say that she is worried how Brandi will affect D’Andra’s status in Dallas society and that their friendship will have consequences:

“When I tried to explain the responsibility of having a legacy name in Dallas, I was trying to help Brandi understand the pressures of that responsibility, but of course, Brandi has to make it personal. Believe me, I have no grand visions of being a part of high society at all, but of course, Brandi’s insecurity makes her feel that way towards me. And please keep bringing up reports that don’t exist. Let me break it down for you… The way you act in a bar SHOULD NOT BE the way you act in church. You don’t just walk up to the pastor and say “F— You” if you don’t like what he says. It’s not that hard to understand. Unless you are Brandi. Do I want D’Andra to be HAPPY? YES! But I also have been the one that when she makes one misstep in society is on the phone listening to her cry for hours. I am very protective of her and maybe I shouldn’t be. Maybe that is my mistake thinking that a friend should protect you from harm and making mistakes. Maybe this is a lesson I need to learn.

Listening to D’Andra say Brandi has been successful at being herself is completely correct. I’m just saying, if you are adult, there will always be repercussions (ie: an unintended consequence occurring some time after an event or action, especially an unwelcome one.) or consequences (ie: a result or effect of an action or condition.)”

LeeAnne seems to burn a lot of bridges so I would hate to see her friendship with D’Andra be affected just because she has decided to be friends with Brandi. There is enough D’Andra to go around! As for her concern with D’Andra’s position in Dallas society? All I have to say is that the Redmond family is pretty successful in Texas and as it’s not the 1980’s. The fact that we are still talking about being a member of this upper crust Texas society seems very ‘Dynasty’ to me and a little outdated. Personally, I think D’Andra will be just fine!

Thoughts on LeeAnne’s blog?

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