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RHOD Recap: Rodeo Barbie!

Welcome back to Dallas! Tonight we’re going down south for a good, old fashioned Texas rodeo so bring you’re best cowgirl boots and get ready for a ‘yeehaw’ or two!

We start off with a montage of the ladies and their children, including Kameron getting asked by her husband if she was badgering others with questions (yes, she was Court) and Stephanie in Italy. Brandi definitely has her hands full with two active girls and a newborn and seems beyond overwhelmed. Her two older girls are naturally jealous of the attention that Bruin is getting so are trying to compete for their mothers attention (all while hyped up on candy BTW.) I’m feeling for Brandi here – hang in there girl!

LeeAnne is having a date night with her long time fiance Rich and fills him in the action that happened in Beaver Creek. LeeAnne is jealous  perplexed by D’Andra and Brandi’s new friendship and is convinced that it doesn’t run any deeper than a few glasses of tequila. The conversation changes to marriage and LeeAnne admits that she is nervous about getting married; however Rich seems to be dragging his feet as well. They seem happy so maybe they will be like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn and just stay boyfriend/girlfriend forever. I’m just hoping this isn’t a Gretchen and Slade situation where they are holding out for some ridiculous Bravo wedding! Side note: what is going on with LeeAnne’s makeup in this scene? Her skin color seems off and it’s honestly distracting me from this otherwise serious conversation.

Across town Kameron is getting ready for the global pet expo (as she is milking this Bravo airtime for all it’s worth and is still trying to make ‘Sparkle Dog’ happen.) In the words of Regina George – it’s never going to happen! Her hubby Court, being a sane businessman, is threatening to shut down Sparkle Dog if she cannot find a distributor; thus making this expo extremely important to her. Unfortunately for Kam, her daughter is siding with Court and is not a fan of the pink dog food so Kameron seems to be on an island all her own here.

Speaking of women in business, LeeAnne and D’Andra are having some serious girl talk about D’Andra’s career and the potential of starting her own company. The thought of starting her own company is appealing; however it would be 100% on her (similar to a startup company) without any of her mothers funds. The conversation then turns to LeeAnne and her lack of a wedding date. D’Andra isn’t buying LeeAnne’s BS and still thinks the couple has underlying issues that she is not ready to discuss on camera.  LeeAnne has enough of the wedding talk and moves their conversation to the upcoming rodeo and D’Andra’s new friendship with Brandi. LeeAnne doesn’t trust Brandi and warns D’Andra about getting too close to her as she has been burnt in the past.

The day of D’Andra’s birthday rodeo is here and all are dressed appropriately (minus Kameron who doesn’t seem to understand what a rodeo is, even calling ‘bulls’ ‘bowels.’ Brandi seems to be an expert at rodeo’s as she even travels with her own beer bong and it’s clear it’s not her first rodeo. The same can’t be said for LeeAnne who nearly vomits after her attempt at it, and had some pretty gross belches afterwards as well. Ew!

It wouldn’t be a rodeo without the obligatory mechanical bull and all the ladies are decent at it minus Kameron who brought it to another level (and by that I mean she really lowered the bar.) If getting on the bull wasn’t hard enough for her, she started freaking out while going at the lowest speed humanly possible. Lucikly for Kam, the mechanical bull portion of the evening is over and the Dallas ladies move to spectate some real bull riding. Hot guys + bull riding = Happy birthday D’Andra!

Over at casa Deuber their house is completely gutted as they are going through some serious renovations. Cary decided to skip the rodeo as she is more of a champagne/caviar girl vs. beer and chili. Their renovations are over the top with the most expensive stove and closet models possible and I’m excited to see the final outcome. Maybe they can add a pool to the living room?

Meanwhile at the rodeo, the ladies naturally move to the bar and Brandi is proud of herself for bringing out the fun in these prim and proper ladies. Class comes up and D’Andra and Kameron feel that they act a certain way due to being under pressure for having a known last name. Apparently Dallas high society is very conservative and D’Andra Simmons putting a cup up her behind is a definite ‘no no.’ Kameron married into Dallas society and it was a seamless transition for her; however for D’Andra who was born into it, it has been something that she struggled with her entire life. D’Andra and Brandi end up having a sweet moment when Brandi surprises D’Andra with the expensive necklace she ended up not buying herself on their last shopping trip. LeeAnne feels that Brandi is a bad influence on the Simmons name (as does Kameron) and D’Andra spills to Brandi the others reservations about their budding friendship.

D’Andra’s birthday is coming to an end and the ladies are feeling pretty good with the tequila flowing. LeeAnne ends up giving D’Andra a birthday lap dance and then moves to the dance floor for what can only be described as some sort of attempt at dancing. Maybe LeeAnne should stick to laying off the alcohol as she ended up rolling around on a sure to be disgusting and sticky dance floor. Yeah – no thanks!

Stephanie returns from Italy and goes to visit her bestie Brandi to brag about her amazing Italian trip (making me jealous just listening to it.) Brandi fills the girls in about the rodeo and shows Stephanie an accurate visual of LeeAnne’s unfortunate lap dance. Brandi feels LeeAnne was acting out due to jealousy over D’Andra and Brandi’s friendship and I’m thinking she is right.

Next week we will find out if D’Andra’s broke so stay turned Dallas fans!

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