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Did Emily Simpson Get in Trouble With her Law Firm for Threatening Kelly Dodd?

Up until the last episode, newbie Emily Simpson has come off as calm, cool and collected (especially compared to the rest of the OC bunch!) Last episode we found her trigger as Emily went from zero to sixty after Kelly name called Emily’s husband, which resulted in Kelly’s life being threatened by the new housewife. So is Emily, who is an attorney, in hot water with her law firm due to her heated word exchage?

According to her recent tweet, not only is she not in trouble, she even got a promotion!

Emily recently tried to paint her hubby Shane in a more flattering light by tweeting that she was listening to that “‘little bitch’ read princess stories to Annabelle.”

When a fan reached out to Emily asking how her words with Kelly affected her job, Emily insisted they didn’t and that she even got a “promotion and a raise”

For anyone that needs a refresher as to why Emily threatened to kill Kelly check out our detailed recap of the epic OC fight by clicking here.

As I stated in the previous recap, I don’t think anyone is a winner in this argument. Shane should really stay out of women’s arguments; however Kelly should know that name calling someone’s husband is never going to end well. Lastly, Emily more than anyone should know that threatening to kill someone is definitely not okay! It will be interesting to see how this argument affects Kelly and Emily’s relationship moving forward. Somehow I don’t feel that either Shane or Kelly are the ‘forgive and forget’ type.

Thoughts on Emily’s tweet?

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