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Let’s Discuss! Who Was Out of Line on Last Night’s Episode of RHOC?

Last nights episode of RHOC was dramatic to say the least! In a season that has been a snooze thus far, things started to heat up when Kelly got into a verbal argument with Emily’s husband Shane. So what happened? Let’s recap!

It started at the party with Kelly going over to Vicki’s boyfriend Steve to confront him on speaking out to Page Six, something she did not take too kindly too:

“I can’t stand Vicki’s boyfriend. He’s best friends with my ex-husband. And he talks s—,” said Kelly. “Be a man. What dudes do that? Shut the f— up. … He had no business … talking about me. Why is he completely on Michael’s side? It’s insane. I did nothing to him. … I just want to know why.”

During the episode, Kelly went over to a table where Steve and Shane were talking to confront him saying: “I don’t want to make a big deal out of this [but] what happened on social media really upset me.” Steve played dumb by saying “I don’t follow social media, What did I say?” He then became fed up adding “You know what Kelly, take your drama somewhere else.”

Shane then got involved which resulted in Kelly asked Shane, “Why are you getting involved?”

This is when things got bad when Shane (who doesn’t drink due to his religion) told Kelly “You’re drunk.” When she replied that she was on her first drink, Shane commented, “You mean that’s your normal behavior? Ugh.”

Kelly then called him a ‘loser’ and a ‘dork’ not realizing it was Emily’s husband. She even went over to Emily to tell the group:

“Don’t talk to him, he’s a little twerp. Little p—-. This little guy is a little bitch over there. That little man over there. … He’s over here, sticking up for Steve and being the little peanut gallery.”

Take a look for yourself and watch things go from zero to sixty:

So what happened in the aftermath? Kelly is playing dumb, insisting she had no idea that she was speaking with Emily’s husband saying:

Apparently Tamra is leaning towards Kelly’s side while complimenting Steve, as she recently took to her Bravo Blog to say:

“I think Steve did what any gentleman should’ve done. He basically walked away. I’m not a fan of men getting in the middle of drama. But Shane sure seems to love the drama!

I think by Shane getting involved and telling Kelly that she was drunk was out of line. JUST STAY OUT OF IT, SHANE.”

Meanwhile, Vicki is calling BS on Kelly as she commented on the episode saying:

“The way Kelly verbally abuses people is alarming and quite frankly scary. I can’t even imagine what Michael went through for 14 years of marriage with her. I’ve witnessed it, as well as others out in public, and it’s frightening. When Shane asked her if she was drunk and she said that was her first drink, I didn’t believe it.”

Meanwhile, Gina took to her blog to pretty much shaming everyone saying:

“I think it’s obvious that Kelly didn’t know Shane was Emily’s husband. But regardless, he was a guest in Tamra’s home. I think Shane could have just walked away when Steve did. Kelly could have never walked over there in the first place. It was a bad display of behavior by everyone involved. I was shocked that it reached the level that it did. It was unfortunate.”

So whose side are you on? Personally  I’m with Gina that everyone behaved badly but in the words of Tamra: that’s just my opinion!

Thoughts on last night’s fight? Let’s discuss!

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