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Kelly Dodd Says She has to ‘Lawyer Up’ Among Family Feud!

I think it’s safe to say that things have been better for Kelly Dodd.

The OC brunette has gone through divorce, breakups among boyfriends, lifestyle downgrades and now can add family feud to that unfortunate list. Speaking out to Radar Online, Kelly discusses her family drama involving her younger brother Eric. Although last season Eric was an OC regular; Kelly is now no longer speaking with him and things have gotten downright ugly.

According to Kelly her younger brother is spreading “bull***t and lies” about her after accusing her of doing drugs and cheating on her ex husband Michael:

“My brother is jealous. He’s defaming me and trying to ruin my career with his lies. I just want peace; I want to be left alone. I have no choice now other than to lawyer up to protect my family.”

Kelly doesn’t deny that she is a wild child, however she vehemently denies doing drugs stating: “First of all, I do not do drugs! I drink, yes. But I definitely do not do drugs.” Considering she is now divorced and sharing custody of daughter Jolie, her brother’s accusations could have serous consequences, something Kelly is aware of. Not to mention, Jolie is a tween and we all know how much tween girls loves to gossip. According to Kelly:

“The worst part about all of this is that my daughter knows about it. Jolie said to me, ‘what are my friends at school going to say?’”

“I mean, what are you doing to your niece, Eric? Think about how this is affecting her. Say whatever you want about me. Make up lies. I don’t give a f**k. But do not hurt her in the process.”

According to the OC star, her brother is jealous of her and she had attempted to help him in the past by letting him live with her family: “Everyone in my family knows that I have done everything to help my brother.”

Yikes – I have a feeling we will hear more about this. We had been hearing whispers that Kelly had a fallout between her younger brother and her mother; however this is a full on war. The kids are the ones that always suffer so for the sake of Jolie I hope they resolve it or at least keep their feud private.

Thoughts on Kelly speaking out?

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