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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos Part Ways, He Claims She Reported Him For Abuse But Says He’s Been Cleared!

Jeff and Jenni are no longer working together! Say it isn’t so!

Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos star on the Bravo series ‘Flipping Out.’ However; their time together on the show has come to an end. They had a fight, which led to a fallout. They are going to part ways as far as the show on Bravo goes, with Jenni not returning. Jeff hopes she will appear on the show in an “authentic” way, as his friend. Jeff confirmed on his show ‘Jeff Lewis Live’ on Sirius XM that the speculation was true. He confirmed, “It is true. So Jenni and I did have a fight, which then resulted in a rift. Now we’ve been very good friends and pretty much brother and sister, I would say, for like 15-16 years. So look, we’ve been through a lot together, and we’ve had fights before, and you know, this fight was very much like, you know, it maybe got a little more heated, but it was like the other fights. And it was really kind of silly. I had offered some unsolicited career advice. That’s where it started escalating.”

Jeff said that during an audit he found out that there were three people in his office who did not actually want to be there. He was “hurt” to find out that Jenni was one of them, and he discovered she had reported him for abuse to Bravo. Jeff said he didn’t know she no longer wanted to work for him. He explained, “I was actually very surprised to hear that Jenni was one of them and she said that she had given up her acting career to work for me, and that really hurt my feelings, because I felt like I have done nothing but accommodate her for her auditions and meetings and all of that.”

In fact, Jenni has not worked for him, “for several, several seasons.” Not to mention, she is employed by Bravo, not him. Jeff stated, “I apologize because it is the one thing that is not authentic about this show.” It’s a misconception that she’s employed by him instead of the network, because she was working as his executive assistant. He runs a successful company as an interior designer and real estate speculator. Jeff said he later he got a call from the production company about the abuse allegations. He said, “I was told that I was allegedly reported for abuse and victimization.”

Jeff said they are like siblings, and it’s natural to have fights from time to time. He said, “This fight was no different than any other fight in the last 11 years of Flipping Out. This was no different than me yelling at a contractor for being late or somebody screwing up and causing me $5,000 worth of repairs. On Monday she doubled down and allegedly I was reported for wrongfully terminating her off her own show. And there were also allegations of a hostile work environment, so somebody’s talking to an attorney, which scares me.”

However; Jeff said he went through an interview process as a result of her abuse claim. However; he said he has been cleared. Jeff stated, “My showrunner had to go frame by frame to confirm that there was no abuse. I have been cleared of all abuse, victimization charges.”

Wow! It’s a bit shocking that these two won’t be working together. They were always attached at the hip and the best of friends. Jeff said they are still friends, though. I hope that means we will still see Jenni appear on the show as his friend. I think they need to work on rebuilding their friendship, and perhaps not filming together will bring them closer together. They’ve had a friendship for over a decade. Everyone fights, because you fight because you love one another. It’s completely natural. They were a funny pair on the show – very entertaining. I do hope they will reunite down the road!

Thoughts on Jeff & Jenni parting ways? Thoughts on the abuse allegations? Do you think they’ll remain friends? Do you watch Flipping Out? Sound off below!

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