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Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Jeans Launch Today – What you Need to Know About Her New Line!

Bethenny Frankel is a skinny girl. In case there was any doubt about it, Bethenny has made an uber successful empire over being skinny and her latest product launch, Skinnygirl jeans, is her newest endeavor in the retail world. Her jeans line is launching today, and despite the success of her margarita line, the Skinnygirl jeans have had mixed opinions due to their name, along with questions on how they would do in the competitive jeans industry.  In an interview with WWD, Bethenny described what makes her line different from the countless other brands in the crowded denim market and why she thinks having a line called ‘Skinnygirl’ is not fat shaming.

As for what makes her line differnt? “I call them ‘little moments” she says. According to the interview, the B pointed out “a red stripe down the side of the skinny jeans she was wearing as well as the studs, zippers and chains that embellished other pieces in the line.” Bethenny states that she likes “detail, but this is not too over the top.”

It you thought Bethenny’s newest jean endeavor was the last product to add to her ‘Skinnygirl’ empire you’re wrong. According to the article, “Skinnygirl Jeans offers knit tops and jackets as well, which also have details that expand the collection beyond basics. A sweatshirt in orange is cropped and has lacing on the sleeves as well as zippers on the bottom. And a denim jacket has zippered sleeves.”

Pieces retail for around $100 or under. Hopes are high for the new line, as Jack Gross, chief executive officer of OJG says that “We believe this is going to be the fastest-growing launch we’ve ever had.” Despite the high hopes, he has admitted that there were issues with the name. After all, 2018 has been the year of empowering women and being all inclusive so with a name like ‘Skinnygirl’ it seemed a bit outdated. He did admit that there were “bumps with the name” among retailers; however Bethenny attempted to put it to rest saying:“The customer got it right away. They know me and know Skinnygirl is a state of mind.” To prove it, the line offers a range of styles and sizes, including plus sizes.

To live up to the name of ‘Skinnygirl’ the jeans are supposed to elongate and lengthen with Bethenny saying: “every girl has an emotional issue with her body. This line has comfortable fabrics and makes your butt look great. And the way they hit the ankle makes your legs look longer.”

Celebrity lines are usually hit or miss; however with Bethenny’s huge social media following she already has an advantage when it comes to marketing. As for the name? I think it’s a bit outdated. Women these days are more focused on being healthy and strong vs. ‘skinny.’ I think having a margarita with the name Skinnygirl goes over a lot smoother as it refers to the drink being low calorie. Having a jeans line called ‘Skinnygirl’ leaves a bad taste in my mouth as it sounds a bit like shaming (something Carole’s friend already pointed out.) Either way, we will be following the brand to see if Bethenny struck gold twice. If you are interested in picking up a pair today, the jeans are selling at Macy’s, Belk, Lord & Taylor and HSN.

Thoughts on Skinnygirl Jeans? Will you be buying a pair? Do you think a name like ‘Skinnygirl jeans’ is shaming?

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