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Luann De Lesseps Reacts To The RHONY Reunion! Plus Says “Everything Is Great” With Her Kids!

The Real Housewives of New York had an epic, explosive three-part reunion. The only one missing was Luann de Lesseps, and it was the only reunion she’s ever missed. She couldn’t be present because she was in rehab for alcohol treatment after a relapse. If you were wondering what she would’ve worn at the RHONY reunion, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Luann wore a Jovani (of course!) dress on a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Jovani has become a thing with Luann’s Cabaret show and with her fellow co-star, Dorinda Medley. Chrissy Teigen even did a parody of Luann, and she said, “It’s Jovani!”  Luann told Andy on WWHL, “Darling, this would be the dress I would have worn to the reunion, so I wore it tonight!” 

Since Luann wasn’t at the reunion, Andy made sure to ask Luann what she thought about the things said at the reunion. Did Luann feel that Bethenny Frankel was mistreated during the reunion? Yes!

Luann said, “I thought they ganged up quite a bit on Bethenny. I feel like there was some plotting and scheming going on beforehand somehow. I think maybe there was some planning going on.” Luann wished she was there to stand up for Bethenny. Lu explained, “I really felt like I wish I could’ve been there to help Bethenny, I felt like they kind of ganged up on her.” Luann and Bethenny have been in touch since the death of Bethenny’s on and off boyfriend, Dennis Shields. Luann revealed that they have been texting. However; Lu hasn’t seen Bethenny since his passing and she is giving B time to mourn and heal.

As far as Dorinda talking about Luann’s drinking, well, Luann is not having it. Dorinda was insinuating that Luann had to go to rehab because it was “practically court ordered” and was a way for Luann to stay out of jail. Luann disagrees with Dorinda’s statements. Luann clarified, “I was not court ordered to go to rehab. I went on my own, first of all, so Dorinda doesn’t know anything about me. I went because I felt that I needed to go and take care of myself, and I take it very seriously – my sobriety.”

She also addressed Dorinda and Bethenny’s comments about her doing her cabaret show, if it’s gone to her head or not, and if it’s a bad idea to do cabaret when she’s working on staying sober. Lu said, “Yeah, I’m not taking advice right now from Dorinda. Thank you for those two cents. But I will say my cabaret to me is everything. I found my calling in my life, and if that makes them uncomfortable, that is too bad for them, that’s all I’ve got to say.” She does admit that she realizes that the cabaret scene has a reputation for partying. Luann said, “I totally get that, the cabaret environment is that, but when I do my shows, it’s just I’m onstage, and I’m doing my thing, so I don’t let it really affect me. So I understand their concern, and I appreciate it, but I’m good because I’m onstage doing what I love.”

So how are her kids doing? Great! There were issues that arose when she wanted to sell her home in the Hamptons. There was a lawsuit involving her two kids, Victoria de Lesseps and Noel de Lesseps, as well as her ex-husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps. It was about how she was to set up a trust for her kids when she sold the home in Sag Harbor. However; it turns out she is keeping the Hamptons home and getting another house upstate like she wanted.

Luann opened up and shared, “Everything is great with the kids. It was a big hiccup about me wanting to get a house upstate and not being in the Hamptons so I decided to keep the Hamptons home. And I’m getting a house upstate in any case. So it all worked out and the kids are great.” Luann has also been sharing on social media that she’s looking for a new place in NYC as well!

Wow! What a reunion that was! I wish that Luann could’ve been there to discuss topics with the ladies, but I’m glad she made the right decision and got help. Her health and happiness is more important than reality TV. I’m happy that her kids are doing great, and it’s nice that they all have worked out the problems about the trust and the house. That was a big part of why Luann relapsed, according to the ladies at the reunion. It’s crazy how much changes in a season, before Bethenny had yelled at Luann and now they are friends and Luann wishes she could’ve attended the reunion to defend Bethenny. It’s really true that anything can happen in the land of Real Housewives! We can never quite believe that a friendship is truly over, or that besties can’t feud down the road. I am already beyond excited for next season!

Thoughts on Luann’s reaction to the reunion? Do you agree that Bethenny was mistreated? What do you think about Dorinda’s comments about why she thinks Luann went to rehab? Are you shocked that Lu and B are friends and allies? Sound off below!

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