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RHOP: Ashley Darby Opens Up About Suffering A Miscarriage, Plus Talks About Trying To Get Pregnant Again

The Real Housewives of Potomac had a wild season. Ashley Darby has made it clear on the RHOP that she wants to have children with her husband, Michael Darby. Since season one, Ashley has stated that she wanted to have a Gemini or Leo baby. However; you can’t always plan the horoscope of your future baby. At first Ashley was waiting to get pregnant because she was trying to break even on her restaurant, Oz, with her husband Michael. Then it was revealed at the reunion that they had been trying to get pregnant this year. Not only that, but they shared the heartbreaking news that they sadly suffered a miscarriage. They have been opening up about it, as well as their plans to keep on trying.

According to The Daily Dish, Ashley explained after the reunion, “Michael didn’t want us to share it with everybody. He wanted to keep it fairly private and to ourselves. It felt incumbent upon us to clue everybody in as to what was happening when Michael and I had the miscarriage.” Her husband said he was not sure if Ashley was ready to open up about the miscarriage, that happened a week before the reunion. Michael said, “I don’t think people really realize what a major thing that was for Ashley to share such an important part of her life.”

They were so happy to learn that they were pregnant, but it was short lived, and their joy was ripped away from them. Michael said, “We had that moment, that incredible moment where you announce that you’re pregnant. We had that, but it was taken away from us so quickly. The joy that we had was really destroyed almost too soon to appreciate everything we had. It was tough for me, but I felt for you that you as a young woman ready to have a baby, announced it, we celebrated it, we looked at each other, and the love we had for each other was so strong. Boom, it was taken away.”

Ashley said she could see that Michael really wanted them to have a family, when they lost the baby. Michael said, “What I think everyone needs to understand is what they see about our relationship, we have a connection, and age is not important. It’s a love and a respect for each other, and I want to have a baby with this woman. I don’t think anyone believed it the way it looked during the season, but there were other things going on.” Ashley revealed that they are trying for a baby right now. Ashley said, “Michael and I are readily fertilizing and hoping that a little Mickshley.” She added, that she is still hoping for a Gemini or Leo baby!

It’s so sad that they suffered a miscarriage, but it’s sweet that it has brought them even closer together. I wish them all the best on their journey to having a baby!

Were you surprised that Ashley shared the sad news at the reunion? Thoughts on this season of the RHOP? Share below!

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