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Shannon Storms Beador: “You could never have scripted what has happened in my life!”

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True to form, Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador felt no need to be coy in a candid interview with Aliza Rosen, host of the Reality of Reality podcast. Rosen, a seasoned television producer in her own right, maintains a longstanding relationship with RHOC’s Evolution Media producers who have also been interviewed on her podcast. She has recently scored much-coveted one-on-ones with people behind the scenes of reality hits, as well as on-camera talent (prior episodes featured Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne Girardi, Kyle Richards and Luann De Lesseps among other greats).

Shannon happens to be an admirable reality TV icon in the host’s eyes, so this interview seemed to be the perfect fit for the podcast. Aliza Rosen has praised Shannon before for never failing to deliver drama by being astoundingly forthcoming, divulging the difficulties in her life (including a chaotic marriage that recently ended in divorce) and getting worked up by the antics of on-camera friends and antagonizers while keeping viewers entertained and laughing. Aside from being relatable, as Rosen points out in the episode, it hasn’t gone unnoticed or under-appreciated that Shannon has the ability to look back, own her behavior and even laugh at herself.

In the newly released interview, the Real Housewife addresses a wide range of topics including: reconciling with a sincere Vicki Gunvalson, having Kelly Dodd’s back this season despite their turbulent past, moving on from and divorcing a manipulative ex (when asked if she thought David was a sociopathic narcissist, she replied “people have suggested that”), dating and the fact that there was more to her strife with Lydia McLaughlin than viewers saw last season (Lydia had repeatedly been asked to refrain from bringing Vicki up in conversation. Nevertheless, she persisted).

Shannon even mentions that despite a bizarre text from David about dropping her married name, she’s keeping it for her kids. Her own divorced mother did the same. However, she’s going to throw in her uncannily suitable maiden name for good measure. “I’m Shannon Storms Beador now.”

Shannon reaffirms in this interview what we’ve all suspected: Although producers will take certain necessary liberties at times with editing, the Shannon we see on screen is an accurate representation of the Shannon she is in real life.

She discloses that she’s currently spending time with a gentleman she has known for 17 years, also a divorcee and someone her kids know. While her newly repaired relationship with Vicki is the real deal (she mentions that they had texted each other that morning), she knows that if there’s another major strike from the notorious trouble starter, their friendship will likely become history.

Adding in a few teasers about what’s ahead this season, Shannon admits she’s not too difficult to provoke and has a difficult time adjusting to new cast mates. There will be something in a later episode that brings out the “Storms” side of Shannon despite her determination to keep it together. She also alludes to upcoming havoc resulting from one cast member psychologically diagnosing another…Our bet is on newcomer Gina Kirschenheiter messing with Kelly Dodd. That’s just a pure guess at this point, but we’ll have to stay tuned for confirmation!

Listen to the full Reality of Reality interview here: 

Thoughts on Shannon’s interview? Do think David is a “sociopathic narcissist?” Sound off below!

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