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Dorit Kemsley Gets Harassed In Bahamas Over Swimwear Lawsuit

It’s all fun and games until it’s not anymore.

Dorit Kemsley was just trying to have fun in the Bahamas when she got a major reality check!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star found herself face to face with Jasmine Lennard who began shouting at Dorit about the money she allegedly owes her former business partner Ryan Horne.

“You’re Dorit, yeah? Why don’t you pay back Ryan the money that you owe him you cheap bitch,” Jasmine shouted. “Why don’t you do that? You have money to come to Nassau. Why don’t you pay back the hundreds of thousands of dollars you owe? All that money! How much is it… $300,000?”

Apparently, Jasmine is a very good friend of Ryan Horne and decided to take the opportunity to publicly confront Dorit about the money she allegedly owes Ryan.

Last week, Horne filed docs “claiming he struck a deal back in August 2017 to partner up with Dorit and her husband, Paul Kemsley, to make bathing suits.”

In the legal docs, Horne claims that they each owned a third of the bathing suit business. Horne also says he fronted the RHOBH couple “nearly $130k in merchandise plus $75k for other expenses.”

However, Horne insists he never saw a dime after the Kemsley’s “sold the bathing suits for a huge profit and lined their pockets without paying him back.” 

Now, he’s suing Dorit and PK for the money he fronted them and a portion of the profits they made from selling the bathing suits.

Dorit and Paul claim Ryan never fronted them any money.

Ahhh, I hope Bravo got this clip on film because I can’t wait to hear what Rinna and the others have to say about it.

Meanwhile, Jasmine claims she talked to producers and warned them that she would go after Dorit.

On the other hand, someone on Twitter claims that Jasmine is known for this type of outlandish behavior in England. Apparently, she’s a “known story-teller” and is a “vile” person.

Thoughts on the video? Do you think Dorit will respond? Could the allegations against Dorit and PK be true? Will we see this drama play out in season 9? Sound off below!

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