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Monique Samuels Opens Up About The Fiery RHOP Reunion! She Sums It Up With One Word: “Disappointed”

The Real Housewives of Potomac had a wild season! (Which called for a whild RHOP reunion.) Monique Samuels,  star of the RHOP, was hoping for closure at the reunion. However; she did not quite get that. In fact, the one word she would use to sum up the recent reunion is “disappointed.” Monique wanted answers about a lot of the drama all season long, and didn’t get it. She explained to Entertainment Tonight, “If I had to sum up the reunion in one word, it would be disappointed.”

According to The Daily Dish, Monique explained, “I was hoping I could walk away and have some reason or something that I felt would make me feel better about how the women treated me. I didn’t. I walked away and I still had questions, and things that weren’t answered. That’s just me, personally. Some of the other women did walk away and felt better and had closure, and myself? No. Did not. You’ll see, it was pretty heated.”

Monique really wanted things to be resolved between fellow co-stars, Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby. (Therfore; some resolution with Gizelle Bryant, too.) Monique stated, “I wanted closure with Robyn with Ashley, and with Gizelle, because those were the three I had the most tension with all season.” Monique feels that some of the ladies are just sticking to “their lies.” Monique said, “Some of them hold truth to their lies, rather than holding truth to the truth.” The Real Housewife that Monique feels is the hardest to be around is Gizelle. Monique said talking to Gizelle, “is like talking to a brick wall.” Monique hopes to just be cordial with Gizelle from now on.

I get that Monique is feeling upset because she didn’t get all of the answers she wanted at the reunion, nor did she find resolution with all of the women. That is understandably a let down. However; it’s not that surprising that everyone didn’t make amends. There is a lot of animosity and tension between some of the cast. I’m hoping that they can all be cordial and work on rebuilding relationships. I’m excited for next season of the RHOP already!

Thoughts about what Monique said about the reunion? Are you shocked that Monique is disappointed? Thoughts on the RHOP reunion? Sound off below!

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