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RHOD Premiere Recap!

Welcome back to Dallas y’all!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen our favorite Texans but they are coming back full throttle!

We start out with Cary getting a pricey new car, Stephanie having a family meal and Brandi bonding with her new baby boy Bruin. We see a flashback of Brandi’s struggles to carry a third child and the miracle that followed when a red headed little boy was in need of a home. Brandi states there was no hesitation from Brian when she mentioned him and that it was love at first sight. The fact that he has red hair pretty much proves it was meant to be. I’m happy for the Redmond family but it’s clear that Brandi has her hands full with a newborn and two young daughters.

Across town, Leeanne meets D’Anda for meditation as she is trying to work on her anger issue (and I can safely say this is something she should have started years ago.) Leeanne is working to be more ‘mindful’ and try and recover from her past traumas by meeting with Mr. Sunshine. I love how D’Andra isn’t buying LeeAnne’s bull and bluntly says in her talking head that LeeAnne needs to take responsibility for her own actions and past behavior. LeeAnne is still at odds with Cary, Brandi and Stephanie and feels like an outsider and I don’t think a few ‘ohmms’ are going to help with this.

Brandi and Stephanie are going baby shopping and I have to say this must make Stephanie friend of the decade as connecting a friend with a baby is a whole new level of #FriendshipGoals. Apparently this is the first time Stephanie is meeting Bruin and bursts into tears the moment she sees him. As Bruin still new to the Redmond family she has not told the other ladies and I have a feeling a wave of baby fever may break out in this bunch once they see the adorable Bruin.

D’Andra and her husband are planning an anniversary party to celebrate 4 years of not getting a Dallas divorce. It seems to be a lavish/over the top party and is probably going to cost more than your average wedding. It gets awkward when they go over the guest list and D’Andra’s mother comes up. Apparently they are in a mini-feud over the skincare business and the two aren’t even speaking at this point.

Speaking of awkward family businesses, Kameron is discussing her Sparkle Dog empire with her husband and I can’t believe this is actually a thing. Perhaps this proves anything is possible? Apparently this pink dog food doesn’t make enough income to hold her husband’s attention and I feel like ‘Sparkle Dog’ should have been a one season story line and shouldn’t have carried into season 3 #JustSayin.

LeeAnne and her pirate boyfriend are going shopping; however she is more focused on seeing the other Dallas ladies as she hasn’t seen them since last season. To break the ice, LeeAnne calls Cary and invites her to a chat before the party in the hopes she will forgive her. The two decide on getting a coffee as it’s best to break a mug in a coffee shop vs. a crystal champagne glass at a fancy party.

Brandi and Stephanie are getting their nails done and while Stephanie is happy to see Brandi she is more excited to see baby Bruin. Apparently Brandi and D’Andra have some beef over the fact that D’Andra pointed out Brandi’s squinty eyes and made accusations over her abusing Adderall (BTW did our readers see AllAboutTRH get a shout out?? In addition to D’Andra, both Brandi and Stephanie want to steer clear of LeeAnne as she hits below the belt (true) and her hands terrify everyone.

The day of the coffee date arrives and LeeAnne apparently killed a bird for this meeting judging by her coat. Cary has no plans to forgive LeeAnne due to the things she said about her husband and her past accusations so comes in with a chip on her shoulder. If I were Cary I would have a hard time forgiving LeeAnne as well as her actions were pretty inexcusable; however LeeAnne claims to be genuinely sorry. The two decide to coexist and have the ability to stay in the same room which seems like the adult thing to do as these two will never truly be friends. The ladies are able to have a civil conversation and discuss Cary’s career and we learn that Cary is now working part time in the laser center so she really has the best of both worlds.

The day of the anniversary party has arrived and D’Andra has a full house as she is hosting her hubby’s family. D’Andra admits that she is closer to Jeremy’s family more than her own due to the fallout with her mother; however her mother still RSVP’s ‘yes’ to the party.

The party looks like a lavish wedding and if this is how one celebrates four years of marriage I must be doing something wrong. While going over the seating arrangements D’Andra gets a text from Brandi saying she would not be attending the party. It’s fine if Brandi doesn’t want to come but did she really need to wait until the last minute to decline? Those plates look expensive and D’Andra could have saved herself some money (not that D’Andra can’t afford to spare some change.)

Despite her issues with Brandi, D’Andra is more nervous about seeing her mother who arrives looking like she is straight out of the show Dynasty. The rest of the ladies arrive and Kameron feels it’s odd they are celebrating four years of marriage (same here) and D’Andra’s own mother even calls the party ‘boring.’ D’Andra’s mother then comes over to greet the ladies and scolds the women that they all need a mother and she is happy to play the part. The party has an odd vibe and I’m wondering if it was better in person. Speaking of odd encounters LeeAnne and Cary give each other a big bear hug and apparently meant it when they said they were moving forward.

The guests are seated for dinner and to Stephanie’s dismay she is seated next to the mouth of the south. Luckily for Stephanie, her table is more concerned about getting drunk over anything else so Stephanie and LeeAnne toast multiple times. Their table certainly seems to be more fun than D’Andra’s where she is getting lectured on who to thank and how. Luckily for us something finally happens at this party and D’Andra tries to throw a surprise wedding for LeeAnne and her fiance. I’m going to guess they don’t go through with it based on what we’ve seen in the previews but be sure to come back next week to see how it all goes down!

Thoughts on the Dallas premiere? Let’s discuss!

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