RHOC Recap: Orange County Hold ‘Em

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Welcome to the OC: where the drama is high, friendships are at a low and there’s a whole lot of craziness in between.

We start off with the ladies doing their obligatory family montages and Vicki (naturally) at work. Vicki is obsessed with a bird at her window and is also thrilled that her son is now VP of Coto Insurance. Vicki feels Michael is the luckiest guy in the world to work with her and I just feel plain sorry for him. Michael has moved in with his girlfriend and its clear that Vicki is the third wheel in their relationship as she invites herself to Europe and suggests they get couple massages. Vicki is clearly heartbroken that Briana has left the OC and is hoping a wedding for her son will fill the void that Briana left.

Across town Shannon is meeting Kelly for drinks and they are two single women on the prowl in the city. Shannon is hesitant to date but Kelly has dug her claws in and is taking advantage of the OC single scene. I never thought I would see Shannon and Kelly as friends but Shannon really opens up to Kelly about her insecurities and shows her vulnerable side to her former nemesis. It’s then Kelly’s turn to get vulnerable and tears up when she reveals that her actions aren’t an accurate reflection as to how she truly feels on the inside. Even though she is dating the pain from her divorce has not gone away.

Gina is shopping (or should I say antiquing) with a friend, looking for a gift for her nanny. Personally I’m not a fan of antiques and I’m assuming Lupe would prefer a gift card or cash bonus; however perhaps Lupe is a fan of old fur jackets and Tiffany lamps. Gina then brings up the argument at the dinner table and as hindsight is 20/20 she feels she may have been a little too ‘New York’ for these OC ladies. I’m going to say yes Gina and I’m sure Vicki would agree. Apparently in New York you can make fun of your friends vagina but in the OC it’s off limits. Who knew?

Shannon is trying to work on her fitness and Tamra wheels in to support her. Shannon came to purchase workout equipment in some skinny jeans and a leather jacket so it’s clear her motivation is still an issue. If she plans on trying the equipment perhaps some Lululemon would have been more appropriate? Tamra is skeptical that Shannon is serious about her fitness goals and on top of that is feeling neglected as Shannon is spending time with Kelly. Tamra feels that Shannon is only focused on Shannon, and while I feel that is true, I think Tamra needs to give Shannon a break as it’s clear that she’s not in a good place. Friendships have ups and downs and when one is at a low point it’s important to cut them some slack.

Over at Emily’s, we get to see her ying and yang as not only is she a an attorney but is a party planner by night. To showcase her fun side she is hosting a poker night and has invited all of the women over. Also showing their fun side? Shannon who comes to poker night looking like Joker mixed with a Las Vegas pimp. Also in an interesting getup is Emily’s mother in law who comes dressed in leather pants and has certainly ‘brought it’ for girls night in.

Kelly brings up her dating life right off the bat and when Kelly talks dating, we get all the gory details. Apparently her dating is not going well and compared to the guys she has been dating, Michael isn’t looking too bad. Kelly is having some regrets about divorcing Michael and can’t resist throwing Vicki under the bus again for setting him up. Vicki is getting annoyed that this keeps coming up and on top of it all of the ladies seem to be taking Kelly’s side. Kelly then tears up as not only does her dating life suck but she is disappointed in Vicki as a friend (join the club Kelly.)

Poker night finally starts and the ladies all seem to suck at poker but are excellent at taking shots (especially Gina.) Gina gets louder with every sip she takes and apparently thinks that all of the ladies are pusses. Shannon is not impressed with Gina but really, when is Shannon ever a fan of the new girl? The ladies are so annoyed by Gina that Tamra, Shannon and Vicki go outside to talk. They discuss Kelly and everyone agrees that Vicki needs to fix this once and for all. They call Kelly outside in an attempt to bury the hatchet and all seems to be going well while inside Gina is downing shots left and right. I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of Kelly vs. Vicki but at least that’s the last of it for poker night.

Tamra and Eddie are still trying to figure out the root problem to Eddie’s health issues as nothing that they have tried has fixed him yet. Tamra naturally feels helpless that she can’t cure Eddie and feels her prayers are going unanswered. Eddie has to go in for more surgery and is nervous along with feeling frustrated that he has been unable to return to his active lifestyle. Apparently the procedure didn’t work as planned so Eddie needs to go back in the hospital for four days to try a new medication. A minor side effect is that he may go into cardiac arrest (something which would scare the heck out of me as well.)

Speaking of being frustrated, Emily’s husband is upset that Emily’s party ended up with a wasted and loud Gina which he finds unacceptable. Apparently he even had to yell downstairs and force her to leave, something which Gina had to later apologize for.

Next week we see the aftermath of poker night and a potential fallout between Gina and Emily. Interested? Be sure to come back to AllAboutTRH to discuss!

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