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Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge Beg Vicki Gunvalson to Stop Her Friend from Harassing Them!

Vicki Gunvalson is once again in hot water with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars!

Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd allege that Vicki is having one of her good friends, Cory Larrabee, stalk and harass them.

Scandalous, right?

Kelly and Tamra’s claims first came to light on Jeff Lewis’ Sirius XM radio show Jeff Lewis Live, when he revealed who Cory really was.

A few months back, Jeff was accused of fat shaming Vicki by a man named Cory on Twitter. Well, it turns out Cory is a VERY good friend of Vicki’s.

“She did not stumble upon this Tweet. This is Cory. This is her good friend of 11 years. After investigating, we’ve actually seen him on the show,” stated Jeff. “This is just allegedly. This is just my guess on what happened. I think she had her friend plant that Tweet. I think she then had blogs and news outlets pick it up.”

During a June visit to Jeff’s radio show, Tamra confirmed Jeff’s suspicions about Cory planting stories on Vicki’s behalf.

“A big part of the issue in the past few years [with Vicki], it wasn’t only that she was repeating a rumor, she was having Cory plant stories,” said Tamra. “Like right after her birthday party, he planted a story with all these bloggers. He actually did a post where he did a petition to get Eddie out of the closet. An actual petition. And this is her good friend.”

Continuing, “The thing is it’s really hard to be friends with somebody that’s friends with a guy like this, that’s doing stuff that’s very destructive. He does not make her look good.”

Now, Vicki is accused of having Cory stalk and harras Kelly and Tarma.

In a post on Instagram Kelly claims that Cory is “harassing” her and “making false accusations.”

However, Kelly didn’t stop there and made it clear she’s thinking of taking legal action against Cory.

“He needs to be stopped he harasses everyone!” Kelly confessed. “Best friends with @vickigunvalson and he is saying terrible things about me on her page…like she set him up to do it. Just like she did Steve going to @pagesix.”

According to Kelly she’s fine with Vicki but takes issue with Vicki allowing her friend to target her so co-stars.

“I’m fine with Vicki she continues to allow her friends to say lies about me on her page. She is deflecting because she’s getting backlash for her behavior, it’s sad. I feel bad that people have to say lies and talk bad about other people because they are so miserable inside!” 

Meanwhile, Tamra also chimed in and backed up Kelly’s allegations.

“This guy has been harassing me for years. Feeding fake stories to the press about my family!! He has done some horrible things. In my opinion, he should be arrested! Who spends that much time trying to harass people they don’t even know? The worst thing is he’s Vicki’s friend!!!! WHY WHY WHY????”

Adding, “This guy needs to be stopped! I have pages printed that he’s said and done about my family.” 

“He loves the attention. I think he needs to be reported to Instagram and Twitter,” Tamra wrapped.

As for Vicki, she denies Kelly and Tamra’s claims that she’s involved in any of Cory’s antics.

“I have nothing to do with this,” Vicki insists, adding that she’s asked Cory to stop harassing Tamra and Kelly.

Bravo has yet to comment and I doubt they will but they need to put Vicki in her place. This isn’t the first time Vicki’s been accused of using others to do her dirty work. It needs to end.

Thoughts on Kelly and Tamra’s accusations? Is Vicki is having Cory harras and stalk Kelly and Tamra? Do you believe Vicki’s claims she has nothing to do with Cory’s actions? Should Tamra and Kelly take legal action? Will Bravo intervene?

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