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Kelly Dodd Reveals Her Daughter Is Having a Hard Time Adjusting to Less Lavish Lifestyle

For children, having parents that are going through a divorce is generally a difficult and painful experience. Add to that, going through it in your tween years and having to change the lifestyle that you grew up with only adds to the level of difficulty; which is something that Kelly Dodd touched on in a recent interview.

Speaking to Page Six, Kelly states that Jolie has been having an extremely tough time, especially as she is too young to understand why her life has changed so much. Speaking about their new home that we’ve seen this season on RHOC Kelly states:

“It’s four houses down the street from the house that I built. It was really hard for her because she would walk by the house … It’s her home. And she goes to this two-bedroom old house.”

It doesn’t help that they live in an extremely affluent community where being rich is the norm as Kelly adds:

“Being a single mom and having my daughter grow up with a certain lifestyle with certain friends and having — all her friends are old money, so jet-plane, yachts, $30 million-dollar houses, boats, all that … She has grown up in this dichotomy — like it’s not normal. So I totally downgraded my lifestyle. She’s not accustomed to it. It’s hard for her. I take her to Aspen and it was like — I was staying with a friend, it was $1,000 a day for ski school. She has no idea about money.”

Kelly added that she wanted Jolie to know that how they were previously living was not normal and feels it is better that she learns this at a younger age:

“It was really hard for her to adjust, and it was kind of sad for me to see her have to go through that, but it was actually a great learning experience for her because you know what — I don’t want her to be 20 and all of a sudden everything goes away. It was actually good for her. If you do it at 12 years old, you can really understand the reality of life and not be entitled.”

I feel for poor Jolie as I think having your parents go through a public divorce is hard enough but trying to understand why your lifestyle has changed on top of it is definitely not easy. She seems like a great kid and I’m sure growing up in such an affluent community creates unrealistic expectations and norms.  I’m hoping that Kelly and Michael are surrounding her with a great support system during this time.

Thoughts on Kelly’s comments?

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