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RHOP: Gizelle Bryant Has A New Mystery Man!

Gizelle Bryant, star of The Real Housewives of Potomac, has a new mystery man in her life! This season on the RHOP we watched her relationship with Sherman Douglas, bloom and then wilt away. Her fellow co-star, Charisse Jackson Jordan, brought around Sherman’s ex which caused some drama. However; they are past that now. Gizelle used to be married, to pastor and activist, Jamal Bryant, but after he cheated she divorced him. However; she got her beautiful daughters out of it! Gizelle is a proud mommy, but she’s looking for her soulmate. Perhaps she has found him! Gizelle said of her mystery man, “He and I are very committed to making it work.”

According to The Daily Dish, Gizelle explained that her relationship with Sherman fell apart because of communication issues. Gizelle said, “We’re all not perfect, we all have to own our stuff, and you know just because I thought I was a great communicator with people that I talked to, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a great communicator in a relationship. I’m working on me.” Earlier this summer Gizelle said that there was “nothing serious” happening in the romantic department. She also revealed that she didn’t think she would ever get back together with Sherman. “I typically never go back. I doubt it. After you go through a divorce, any other relationship after that that ends, you’re like, who cares, because a divorce is hard to really get over and there’s so much to that. There’s the kids, there’s the whole family that you’re trying to build. So now when I break up with somebody, I’m just over it in four seconds, and it’s really sad. Robyn thinks I’m a robot.”

I think Gizelle is hilarious and I love her on the RHOP! I’m glad that Gizelle is happily dating her mystery man. I’m glad that she had time to reflect on her last relationship and do some soul searching. This was a wild season of the RHOP! I’m already looking forward to next season. Perhaps we will get to meet her new mystery man then?! Stay tuned!

Thoughts on Gizelle dating again? Do you want her to reunite with Sherman? What did you think of this season of the RHOP? Sound off below!

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