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RHOC Recap: Judge, Jury & Gina

Bienvenido damas y caballeros a RHOC! We left off in Mexico with the grandmothers girls gone wild and Tamra  breaking her foot. Appropriately, we start off with Tamra getting her foot examined and a concerned Vicki wondering when Tamra can ‘whoop it up’ again.

Vicki accompanies Tamra to her doctor’s appointment because she is still trying to suck up to her and Tamra is very concerned about how she can run her gym with a broken foot. With Eddie still recovering from heart surgery, Tamra is supposed to be covering classes so obviously a broken foot is problematic.

Across town, Emily is working out with her in-laws who are more fit than most 30 year old adults. The topic of her husband passing the bar comes up and apparently Emily’s mother in law thinks he should be studying for the exam and Emily should be pushing him. Emily let’s them know she will talk to him as apparently this is something his family feels strongly about.

Vicki and Kelly meet for coffee to discuss the elephant in the room which is Vicki is playing Patti Stanger to Kelly’s ex Michael. Kelly (shockingly) expresses her feelings in a rational and calm manner which is not the normal Kelly we know. Vicki interrupts her to try and cover her tracks and Kelly hits the nail on the head by saying that Vicki is just a fair weather friend. As soon as Vicki made friendly with Shannon and Tamra again, she has no need for Kelly and Kelly now feels left in the dust. I think it was obvious from day one that Kelly was a friend out of convenience as she and Vicki truly have nothing in common.

Over at Shannon’s, she is frustrated as she is still battling her weight and is experimenting with low-cal recipes. Apparently Shannon is trying to be the weight loss version of Martha Stewart and is working on a healthy food lifestyle business. She has partnered up with someone from QVC and is working on healthy/low calorie meals (still confused how how this is going to sell on QVC.) She is testing the recipes on her girls and I don’t know many teenage girls that want ginger, zucchini and squash for dinner. The girls give the recipes a dismal rating and I think Shannon needs a new test audience that closer to her target market.

Gina is taking her kids to the zoo and barely makes it as she does the obligatory “I’ll turn this car around” mom speech. Her mother is visiting from Long Island and obviously would like her daughter to live closer to her. We get more foreshadowing of her divorce as Shannon said she thought when they moved to California she and her husband would spend more time together but he ended up living in a completely different city. Yeah – that’s usually not a good sign…

The ladies are all meeting for dinner and Shannon is ready to meet the new ‘wives Gina and Emily. Shannon never likes the new girls so Tamra does not have high hopes for everyone getting along (it’s housewives so that’s a pretty good guess.) Emily arrives and Shannon reveals that she went to law school for two years but dropped out after her engagement ended. Shannon’s past sounds a little like Elle Wood’s from Legally Blonde and I’m interested in hearing more about her years pre David. The rest of the ladies arrive and naturally Shannon and Gina have rocky start as Gina hates Newport and loathes Spanx (which happen to be two of Shannon’s favorite things.) Shannon’s divorce comes up and out of left field Kelly brings up Vicki’s involvement with Michael’s new girlfriend and even I think Kelly is beating a dead horse at this time. Didn’t they just resolve this at the coffee shop 5 hours earlier??

Kelly reveals more salacious details such as she knew the girl that Vicki set Michael up with which was part of her anger. In her talking head, Kelly reveals that she brought the topic up at the table because she wanted the other girl’s opinion and boy did Kelly get what she wished for. Gina automatically takes Kelly’s side and comes gunning for Vicki; however Kelly is no angel herself as her new boyfriend then randomly joins them for dinner. Am I the only one who finds it weird a random date is crashing girls night? Kelly and her boy toy pack on the PDA and gross out the entire table (and all of us viewers) so at this point the dinner is over.

The ladies can’t leave fast enough and Tamra is wheeling herself out as quickly as possible. Shannon reveals to Vicki that she thought Gina was in the wrong for coming for her and Gina reveals she was jealous of Kelly’s PDA and was looking forward to her ‘second opportunity.’ Once again, her divorce should come as no surprise to the viewers…

Over at Tamra’s new house, things have gone from bad to worse as they are facing leaks, smells and mold in their new home on top of their health issues. Eddie has to go on stronger meds to help with his heart rate and Tamra is still wheeling around on her scooter so in other words, things have been better for the Judge’s. Gina comes to visit Tamra and right off the bat Tamra let’s Gina knows that Vicki is not a fan. Gina finds it hilarious and isn’t concerned that she didn’t make friends with the OG of the OC as she’s a New Yorker and can’t be bothered that someone doesn’t like her.

Over at Emily’s, she is working up the courage to talk to her husband about passing the bar and reveals that he passed it in Utah but not yet in California. Her husband has many excuses as to why he has not yet done it and while both of them seem like perfectly fine people, I find their scenes boring and haven’t been able to get into their story line. Perhaps that will change as the season goes on but that’s just where I stand right now.

Speaking of the new girl, Gina is meeting Vicki for a walk on the beach in the hopes of clearing the air. Vicki basically tells her to shut up and butt out; however Gina is sticking by her opinion that is was a break of girl code. Gina feels that Vicki is the Queen of flipping the table and doing the Jedi mind trick and I think she is very perceptive as I 100% agree. The two agree to disagree and the two end on a good note as they bond over being away from their families. Vicki ends up feeling motherly towards her as Gina is the same age as her daughter as Briana is also 33 with children and is living away from her family as well. Perhaps there is hope for these two?

Well that’s it for this week. Be sure to come back to AllAboutTRH next week for poker and Kelly Vs. Vicki Part III!

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