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Dorinda Medley Reveals She Hasn’t Talked To Luann de Lesseps Since March!

Dorinda Medley’s friendship with Luann de Lesseps is on rocky ground.

The Real Housewives of New York star recently stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and made a shocking revelation about her friendship with Luann.

It turns out Dorinda hasn’t talked to Luann since March.

“I haven’t spoken to Luann since we rapped at her cabaret March 4th. And listen, I wish her well. I hope she is using this time to get healthy and be happy and get back on track. She wasn’t at the reunion, and none of us really know what’s going on,” Dorinda told Andy.

So, what went wrong?

Well, it seems that Lu and Dorinda’s friendship began to unravel during the cast trip to Cartegena, Colombia, which was featured on last week’s episode of the RHONY.

During her stop by WWHL, Dorinda told Andy that Luann had no business “lecturing” her about drinking during the girl’s trip.

“Luann, at that point — especially that old saying, ‘If you knew then what you know now’ — wasn’t in a position to be lecturing me, alright? She really wasn’t,” Dorinda said.

For many, it sounded like Dorinda was insinuating that Luann wasn’t sober during the trip but Luann’s rep says that’s not the case at all. Lu’s rep told TooFab that she wasn’t drinking during the trip to Columbia and that “all the ladies can confirm that. Her sobriety, well being and family are most important to her. Everything else sadly is a headline spin.”

To viewers at home, Dorinda’s response may have seemed over the top but she says she found Luann’s “loaded” questions uncalled for.

“I’ve been a really good friend to her and held all kinds of secrets over the years and been very loyal to her, and for her to give me this loaded question like Mother Teresa — I didn’t know where it came from,” Dorinda told Andy Cohen. “It was very loaded. After everything, I have been through with her. I mean, I stuck up for her and with her, almost to the point of humiliation over the years.”

Let’s go back to the dinner in question. During the dinner, Luann says that Dorinda starts “turning” and becomes “aggressive” when she drinks.

To which Dorinda responded, “An ex-Countess who doesn’t have her Countess-ship anymore?” and “Why don’t you drink some more wine and get arrested, honey? A felony.”

However, Dorinda didn’t stop there. She also broke a wine glass prompting Lu to say “You’re a lady who just broke her glass in front of me.”

“I didn’t get a mug shot over it,” Dorinda shot back.

Dorinda then addressed her own drinking after Andy pointed out that there are times on the show that she’s visibly “turnt.”

“Here’s the thing — and you know, we’ve been doing this for, what, four years? I always admit to all my mistakes,” Dorinda explained. “When it happens, I say, ‘Oh my God, I’m sorry it happened. We were on a vacation. We were doing a show.’ I always admit it. But believe me, if we really racked up every time we bought up someone’s drinking on the show, the whole place would be a shitshow. It would be one, big rehab. I just think it’s an opportunity for people to point the finger. You know what they say: When you’re pointing the finger, there’s three pointing back.”

Furthermore, Dorinda defended her actions on WWHL telling Andy,“If you notice, I apologize and apologize. Her response is, ‘I forgive you,’ instead of saying, ‘You know what? Maybe I was wrong, too. Maybe I wasn’t in a place [to be saying that].’ I mean, 21 days does not make Buddha.”

A caller then asked Dorinda what she thought about Bethenny Frankel and Luann’s conversation where Bethenny told Lu how drunk Dorinda got during their trip to Puerto Rico.

“I don’t think of it,” Dorinda confessed. “There’s a lot to be said coming from people that drink, you know? There’s a lot of calling the kettle black, and I don’t think anyone is in a position to be speaking like that, especially people that are supposed to be having your back. I think it’s just banter, and I think people like to talk because they don’t like to look at themselves.”

Meanwhile, Luann recently told E! News that she adores Dorinda but isn’t ready to forgive her just yet.

“I love Dorinda, very much, you know, she’s a great girl Dorinda,” Luann said. “When somebody says something to you and it just hurts? You can get over it very quick–it takes a little time to heal, so I’m still healing, but I love Dorinda, but it takes me a minute, I have to get over it. She really hurt my feelings, so I’m being perfectly honest about that because she did. So you know we’re still repairing our friendship. I still have the bandage on, I’m not ready to take the band-aid off yet.”

Thoughts on Dorinda’s comments? Was Dorinda out of line? Or did Luann need to be put in her place? Can Luann and Dorinda mend their friendship? Sound off below!

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