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Luann de Lesseps Talks Rehab and the On-Going Legal Mess With Her Ex-Husband and Kids

Luann de Lesseps is fresh out of rehab and opening up about all the drama in her life!

The Real Housewives of New York star says her second rehab stay was “eye-opening” and that she now knows “drinking doesn’t work” for her anymore.

“I feel great. I feel like I have more experience with the whole thing so I learned more, you always learn more and the second time around I learned a lot more about myself and it was very eye-opening and enlightening and spiritual and all of those things,” Luann explained to E! News. “I’ve realized that drinking doesn’t work for me anymore, it just doesn’t.”

Despite being fresh out of rehab, Luann is already back to work performing at her sold-out Cabaret shows.

During a recent performance in Long Island, Luann joked about rehab telling the audience,“I actually loved rehab, I loved it so much I went back.”

When a crowd member said she never looked better Luann replied “Revenge body and rehab, darling.”

As for the family drama in her life, Luann tells several media outlets that she’s in a good place with her kids despite the fact that they are suing her.

In fact, Luann blames the entire lawsuit on her first ex-husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps. Luann’s ex and her children are suing her for breaching “a stipulation of settlement in her divorce by failing to create a trust for the benefit of her two children.”

“I still have a good relationship with my family. I’m going to see my children this weekend. The lawsuit is my ex-husband’s brainchild, certainly not my children’s. So I’m dealing with him. It’s a personal family issue that’s going to be solved very quickly,” Luann tells The Daily Mail.

“My kids are my children,” Luann told PEOPLE after her sold-out Long Island show on August 4th. “The press can write whatever they want.”

“Yeah, I have a little problem, driven by the ex-husband, who I’m not happy about right now, okay? And I’m resolving it as quickly as possible,” she added. “I’m gonna see my children this weekend. It’s not about the children, it’s about the ex.”

While Luann isn’t happy with her ex-husband she admits he’s “always been very supportive.”

Speaking of ex-husbands, Luann also revealed that she has been in touch with Tom D’Agostino and that they text occasionally.

“He texted me to see if I was ok. We have an amicable relationship, kind of. But we don’t see each other,” Luann confessed to The Daily Mail, adding that according to Tom he’s not dating anymore at the moment.

Luann also discussed missing the season 10 RHONY reunion telling E! News“I was taking care of myself, that comes first. It was a big decision, but it comes first and I feel like, you’ll see…I can’t give away the storyline obviously but, but I feel like I was in a good place and I don’t really think I needed to be there. I would’ve loved to be, I love doing the reunion, by the way, it’s my favorite, I really do and all the girls are like, ‘You’re sick!’ I like it because it’s your time where you can be honest and tell the truth about how you feel and you don’t always get to do that on the show. So I like doing the reunion so I was sad to miss it, but my health came first.”

Adding that all her RHONY co-stars have “all been great” and are super supportive. “Especially Bethenny [Frankel], she’s been to bat for me, so that’s nice.”

It seems like Luann is doing great! I’m happy to see her doing so well, so soon but I hope she’s not taking on too much, too soon.

Thoughts on Luann’s interview(s)? Do you believe that Luann is on good terms with her kids? Are you surprised Luann still talks to Tom? Sound off below!

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